Rustic Industrial Living Room Design

Rustic Industrial Living Room Design ideas

The word of choice is cozy because most people have to describe what the word "rustic" means to them. No matter whether you own a separate hut in the country or just want to make your living room rustic Interior design always have an opportunity to fit into many scenarios.

In this piece, we take a look at 10 rustic design ideas for the living room. You can select some of them and implement them at your home as you wish.

Stained glass windows from floor to ceiling

This is just a fancy way of saying glass walls. If you live on a large plot with sea views, where security is not an issue, you should opt for large windows around the living room. This draws in a lot of light and makes the room appear larger than it is.

Modern old

Experiment with things like bare wood vaulted ceilings and real stone covered walls for this old spice.

Dark wood accents

Spray a portion of dark wood on the walls and as furniture for this rustic effect in the entire room. A fireplace also brings the literal and figurative spark into the room.

Natural furniture

You can cut a round tree trunk crosswise, varnish it and attach feet for use as a side table. Wood decor, figures and other small accessories also give the decor some flair. If the preparation of a side table is too tedious, can Buy furniture online and also have it delivered to your home at a relatively affordable cost.

Pallet center table

These usually consist of narrow boards that are nailed together to form a large square table. They give the living room a homely touch and an industrial appearance.

Artisan pieces

Don't be afraid to hang up some artisan pieces for extra pizzazz. Wire baskets, large hand fans, craft baskets and the occasional deer head are usually sufficient.

Side panels

Add a bit of old school flair by using a vintage suitcase as a coffee table or by placing a square pillow over a similar sized vintage milk crate to create a classy ottoman.

Jagged edges

Experiment with irregular shapes like a center table made of a jagged wooden block or an old looking bookcase with new books. This creates an immediate contrast and increases the aesthetic value.


Play with wicker anywhere in the room. Use a wicker basket for the coffee table and try adding a piece of fabric over it for extra drama.

Rustic colors and colors

If you have a normal wall, you should use colors like brown, cream white, orange and gray. These immediately add the desired effect and complement the industrial motif.

There you have it. Living rooms are meant to be cozy and with a few of the ideas above you can make your space that way and indeed more.

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