Quick Home Makeover

Quick Home Makeover

Here are some simple and quick ideas for home make

Coming into the summer months, kids are out of school, parents are taking time off work, and your home is becoming the center of social gatherings. Summer is the perfect time to do a quick home match and improve the overall look of your home. With a few simple tips, your home can look as if it has been completely rejuvenated.

Make your front porch welcome entry for guests

There is nothing more depressing than a dark, gloomy front door when you visit someone. A happy, brightly colored door with a beautiful potted plant can take your porch from dull to exciting straight away. The entryway should be equally inviting to keep the same tone and feel in the home. Dress it up with a little decor, but keep it simple to avoid the mess so it looks dirty.

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Remove old and large trees near your home

Trees that start to grow very close to your home or are scattered around your garden dead can distract from your general appearance. It can also be very dangerous, especially with summer storms, if a large tree has grown too close to your home, says the pros at Arborcare Tree Service Ltd. If you remove the eye sores, the exterior appearance of your home can become a facelift.

Paint or replace the shutters

One of the first things a person will notice past your garden is the shutters. Painting or replacing your home's shutters offers a quick and easy way to change your monotony in your home. Simply changing the color of the shutters can take you home in a whole new direction.

Replace drapery in the home

Curtains can be used to drastically change the look and feel of the home. Draperies are available in a variety of varieties that make it easy to change rooms from intensive and elegant to relaxed, or vice versa. Consider using curtains that extend to the floor and are taller than the windows. This gives the appearance that your windows are larger and makes the room look bigger.

Mix up the lighting

A good way to give a room an energy boost is to switch up the lighting. If there is recessed lighting in a room like the dining area, it can be replaced with a chandelier to instantly give elegance. Natural lighting can also be manipulated to change the look of a room in combination with drapery.

Add Crown Molding

In all major residential areas of the home, such as kitchens, dining areas or family rooms, crown molding can immediately add to the appeal. The rooms may be elegantly furnished, but without the crown molding, the room may not be finished. Adding molding is a quick and easy step to finish any room and add your home makeover.

There is no better time to perform a quick home match than the beginning of summer just after the spring cleaning is over. These tips will help you get started on giving your home the facelift it deserves.

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