Renovating Vintage Home Old School Style

Renovating Vintage Home Old School Style

If you are rebuilding a vintage home, it is imperative to keep the old feel in it. Unfortunately, many people ignore the character and charm of the houses when renovated. Here are some ways to keep the antique feel of your home in remodeling.


Many vintage homes still have the original wooden floor under the current floor. Nothing screams old and beautiful hardwood floors! Rip up linoleum or carpet and see what's there. Ignore the condition. Most hardwood floors can be sanded and stained back to their original glory.

Renovating a Vintage Home - 6 Tips for Retaining the Old School

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Old doors have architectural details that are not found on modern doors. They were tailor made for the space and sometimes the hardware can even be redone. Just like the floors, a good grinding with a stain or paint to finish, and your home will boast some of the most unique doors on the block!

Unused wood

Be sure to control the attic or crawl space for wood that is not needed when building the house. This wood can be used to fill in any problems in the floor. Or, if there is enough, a wonderful cabinet, bookcase, headboard or vanity can be built from the ground up!

bathroom fixtures

Sometimes the original fixtures for the sink and bathtub are still in the home. After a good cleaning and some or two, they can be made new again. The same goes for a bathtub in china. If it's there, hold it! Period-fitted bathroom fixtures are a great way to keep your toilet looking vintage.

Coloured glass

Stained glass was very popular at one time. Lots of old houses still have the glass intact. Don't let the looks that always fool you! It may look dirty and dirty now, but it is a simple solution. Appealing that original stained glass will give both the exterior and the interior of your home is timeless.

Or if you don't like the dated look, it gives your home there are many different options that can still incorporate the home's integrity and give it the old classic look. Glass experts from Alexander Company says that most glass companies have worked with older homes and can imitate the look you are trying to convey. Just call for a survey and estimate.

bathroom Tiles

One style that has changed drastically over the years is bathroom washers. For several years, most washers were white. Dark grains were also popular. If the original tags are not available or cannot be used, you can install "metro style" tags. This is a modern way to channel the old school and will seamlessly blend into the feel of your home. You don't want any room to stand out and look drastically different from the rest of the home.

In summary, part of the point is to buy an older home for its character and architecture. Don't ruin much of its beauty by giving it a modern look. With a lot of work, your old home will feel new, but still looks appropriate.

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