New Homes Essential Decorating Tips

New Homes Essential Decorating Tips

New homes – a dream come true: Important decoration tips

You have skipped every injury and avoided everything the bank could throw at you. Congratulations, the race is ready and it's time to slow down for the fun part: individualize your home to reflect who you are. A home is an extension of a first impression, and people will see the real you through not only your belongings but how you choose to display and arrange them. Decorating your dream home should be fun and unique for you.
Feel your personal aesthetic
That's when you sit down and ask yourself what you want your home to say about you. If you have many books, how would you like to present them? If your Hummels need a home, what kind of home do they get? Are you a good-looking city person with an interest in collecting art, or a suburban dad / mom with a vinyl collection and the full complement of KitchenAid mixer attachments? Are you beach people? What can you tastefully include in your decoration that says life is better on the beach?

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Research into reality
You have a vague idea of ​​what you want to say, how do you now decorate a new home? Do you go for the super modern with all brushed metal or super-comfortable special furniture in solid wood? Go beyond the decoration programs on TV. Go down to your local bookstore or newspaper shop and start downloading anything and everything for ideas. Open a Pinterest account, talk to Jamco Wood Products Ltd, or check out to see how ordinary people have created their spaces every day. If you see something on TV or online but think it will be too expensive, check around Target or Bed Bath and Beyond to see if these stores have cheap imitations.

Artwork and family photos
Artwork without frames belongs in the basement or in the children's room. Spend a weekend afternoon checking out local art galleries and stores for local talent. Ikea always has a wide and cheap selection of frames and art. Come by your local framing shop to see your options and keep in mind to frame more than just 2d art.

Play with Paint
An inexpensive way to dramatically change the look and feel of any room is with a quick color coating. Some of the major painting sites will include a color visualizer. Try to get a little adventurous and see what happens if you paint three walls in a room in a light color and then make the fourth in a darker contrast. Come by your local color shop and download color swatches to test. If you paint a test piece, sleep on it and approach it with a new perspective the next morning. Remember: painting is not forever and can always be changed.

Replace lamps
Another simple decorative trick is to replace the light fixtures. If you are not sure where to start, ask a professional for help first. Older houses in particular seem to have outdated light fixtures that were fresh back when Sinatra was alive. Online or in stores you can pick up cheap, elegant new ones that shine your home in a new way for years to come.

Make sure it fits
Measure your furniture, current and to be, to make sure the space you are moving to is large enough to accommodate it. The magazine can be used as a stand in planning a floor plan. Nothing is worse than having a super fantastic leather couch that contemplates the room. When you go to the home stores, be aware of the space you fill and always carry a tape measure.

In the end, you are the one who lives in your home for a while. It will provide a welcoming space for guests and family as well as be a place for comfort to relieve stress and recharge. Remember: decorating a home should not be a race or a challenge, but a joy to see to completion.

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