Wallpaper Ideas for Room

Wallpaper Ideas for Room

Use wallpaper to create a "Wow Factor" room

We have all been there before: walking through a house or apartment, you come into a room and you are unexpectedly surprised by the style. "Wow!" you're thinking, "how did they do this?" And then, you think, "how could I to pull off something equally spectacular? "

That's what this post is about: creating rooms with "wow" factors that judge, delight and engage everyone who enters them.

The good news is that it doesn't have to be expensive or time-consuming to create such "statement rooms" in your home. So read on to discover the secrets behind creating spectacular home decor.


Make it monochrome

Black and silver are timeless color combinations that will always be in style. These black and white shades are a popular choice among homeowners who want to influence. Although monochrome decor is not very glittery or stylish, it is a powerful visual style that says a statement you cannot ignore. An alternative is The Hypnotist Mono wallpaper, a great example of how black and silver design can really show a stop.

Go retro

Go retro

If you want to choose more of a retro vibe, look no further than this Trippy Orange wallpaper. Using light shades is a way to draw the eye to a specific area of ​​the room and create a nice point of contact. This wallpaper design would make the perfect wall feature, especially when paired with mahogany accents.


White Out

The color white is often associated with discrete spaces, but used properly, the whitecan creates a show stopping space. This large square wallpaper does not give an explosion of color, but its catch pattern is guaranteed to impress your guests, plus it is paintable! So you can overlay any color you really want to make the room appear. This is a good choice if you want to create a modern space as it allows you to experiment with texture while celebrating the geometric trend that is popular right now.

combine-different-time periods

Combine different time periods

Why take inspiration from a time when you can be inspired by many eras? This majestic black-and-white wallpaper channels different time periods, resulting in an eclectic modern update of the classic damask print. This design would look fantastic in a living room or bedroom.

Think pink

Think pink

Pink is not the first color you will probably think of when creating a statement room, but this Majesty's hot pink wallpaper cannot be delighted. This wall covering gives a Victorian, rich feel and is affordable, easy to apply and remove from the walls. What more can you ask for?


Fancy Florals

Floral wallpapers offer the perfect update update for any room in the house and will be an instant talking point. The design feature is a strong mix of colors that results in a show stopping design that is both modern, cheerful and colorful. This is a good example of how a décor update can completely transform and dramatize a space.

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