Home Remodels

Home Remodels

Home renovations can get dirty:

Here are 5 things you can do to keep your home in working order

For those homeowners who are participating in a comprehensive redevelopment, keeping your home in working order will be a challenge. To keep stress levels down, and clutter to a minimum, there are five things every homeowner can do to keep a remodel organized.

Image Credit - ujcservices.com
Image Credit – ujcservices.com

1. Routine cleaning

Relying on your contractor to keep things in order is never a safe bet. It is important to stay away from busy work areas, but it is possible to act as a "caretaker" when the contractor has left for the day. Let your builder know that you will be more than happy to clean up scrap material, sweep floors and empty trash cans.

2. Give trash

Make it as easy as possible for your contractor to dispose of the waste. If you do not provide at least one garbage, it is likely that busy workers will simply use the floor. A preventive strike allows you to keep up with junk as it fills the trays.

3. Rent a steel container

Renting a storage unit on site will do wonders when trying to avoid a messy rebuild. Steel containers, available for rent in various sizes, are the perfect solution for storing tools and materials.

Although your contractor can provide their own storage container, most will simply use your home to store tools and accessories. Using a container keeps the home free from clutter and keeps tools and materials safe and organized. King Recycling & Waste Disposal Inc, a Toronto rubbish bin company, is a good example of how many different options are available around the country.

4. Storage in place

Extensive renovations will create a horrible mess in every home. Whether it's dust, paint or other airborne debris, keeping your future and personal property clean will be a job.

Renting a self-storage unit provides a short-term solution to keep your furniture and other valuables free of harmful dust and other debris.

5. Use your outdoor living area

Weather permitting, take advantage of your deck and barbecue area. Trying to use a kitchen during a renovation will be messy or even impossible depending on the work.

Eating out can be an adventure, and using your grill will take the pressure off of keeping a clean and functional stove and prep area. Dust-covered disks and utensils also pose a health risk, so using disposable items will keep everyone safe and satisfied.

Although extensive remodeling can be exciting, they will prove stressful when things get messy. When you are diligent with daily cleaning and you are willing to make some simple adjustments, life in the middle of a rebuild is not that difficult.

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