Kitchen Makeover

Kitchen Makeover

Projects to remodel the kitchen, such as modernizing the decor, improving the layout, and adding storage space, may require a good investment, which is why Most homeowners hope to get a finished product that looks fresh and stays efficient and comfortable for as long as possible. What is up-to-date and chic today may not be fashionable in a year and will make your kitchen look good pass, even before you had a chance to get things rolling!

While no one can say with certainty which kitchen features will stand the test of time, here are eight trends that you want to avoid so that your remodeling will look appropriate in the years to come:

1. Equipment garages

Keeping small devices behind closed doors is a thing of the past. Unfortunately, these garages consume a lot of valuable shop counter. Today's homeowners choose to leave frequently used devices directly on the counter, and pull-out drawers are fantastic hiding places for mixers, blenders and other small appliances.

2. Kitchen niches

A decade ago, kitchens had built-in corners for phones, blenders, and desks – mostly used as landing areas for papers, keys, and bills. Most homes no longer have landline phone lines, making phone booths completely unnecessary. A modern approach: a drawer for notepads and pens and a charging station for the family's electronics.

3. Kitchen sinks on the apron

Kitchen sinks on your apron have been a rage for the past two years. But it's just a fading trend. For a sink that is always stylish, it has to be some stainless steel.

4. 4 inch backsplash

The 4-inch backsplash days are over. Today's homeowners opt for backsplashes in the kitchen that extend to the bottom of the upper cabinets. This is a far more useful option than just a painted wall, not to mention the decorative value. With colors, patterns or textures (tiles, ceramics, glass, pearl board, bricks, etc.), backsplashes improve the look of the kitchen without difficulty and at a reasonable price.

5. Garbage compactors

These devices were particularly popular in the 1970s and 1980s, but not as much anymore. Tidying them up is a tedious task, and they stink in the kitchen too when they fill up with garbage.

6. Countertop microwaves

A worktop microwave devours valuable work space. Modern kitchens have microwave drawers under the counter that can be easily aligned with the other kitchen cabinets. The ultimate space-saving microwaves under the counter also look very stylish. They are marketed for families who travel a lot. They are installed at an accessible height that is good enough for children and equipped with security locks for houses with small children. Microwaves under the counter are practical, functional, and stylish, and will definitely stay here.

7. Extractor hoods or pot frames as focal points

In recent years, the popularity of decorative extractor hoods and pot racks has been quite high. Today's homeowners usually prefer to keep their pot collections in deep drawers that are rolled out for accessibility.

8. Colorful devices

Device manufacturers will tell you that the color white or Arctic is the new stainless steel, but there is no doubt that stainless steel is still the king. It blends effortlessly into contemporary and traditional decor in the kitchen and is attractive worldwide. If you want to stay up-to-date for as long as possible, leave the colorful devices behind and opt for rustproof – eternal style!

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