Nature Living Room Design

Nature Living Room Design

Nature design ideas
© Allison Burke

What do you think is the definition of "family"? Frederick Buechner says: “You can kiss your family and friends goodbye and put miles between them, but at the same time you carry them in your heart, your mind, your stomach, because you not only live in one world, but live one world in you. "

The living room is the best place to build a close relationship with the family. Therefore, the design of the living room must be simple and comfortable to meet, chat and relax. Elizabet Bereslavskaya Visualizer The comfortable living room is like an entertaining space outdoors.

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© Elizabet Bereslavskaya

Outdoor living room, why not? We can feel more comfortable and fresh. This teak living room offers you a warm atmosphere. Adding some plants in the living room can also add natural nuances. You can use the modern or traditional sofa. However, keep combining it with a layer of the neutral sofa to ensure balance.

Besides, if you want others outside living room ideasYou can also follow the advice of a reliable designer Allison Burke. He also suggested creating a living room that contained elements of nature. Because some people believe that nature can make us more relaxed while we rest or have a good time with our family.

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© Allison Burke

He also added a large window and door to get a view of nature from the outside. You can create a simple garden with a swimming pool for the best view. To give the room a natural element, you can also use natural stone in the walls and use the furniture that was the same color. Don't use too many accents if you don't damage the natural tones created.

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© Allison Burke

Allison Burke still uses the large window to get an outside view. Windows also help with lighting during the day, so you can save electricity. Wooden table and sofa also form the natural atmosphere in the outside living room.

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© Allison Burke

If you like the modern style, you can give black and white shades in the living room and don't forget the window. So you can still fall like in nature.

Aleksandr Zhidkov Visualizer living room that connects to the kitchen.

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© Aleksandr Zhidkov

What do you think of the combination of living room and kitchen? Is that interesting? If you and your family like to cook, that's a good idea, isn't it? You can cook together and then eat together and enjoy the view from the outside.

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