How to decorate your home to suit Tiffany

How to decorate your home to suit Tiffany lighting

How to decorate your home to fit Tiffany lighting

Tiffany lighting brings beauty, warmth and class to every home. There are many styles and types of Tiffany lighting available to purchase including ceiling lights, table lamps, floor lamps and hanging lamps. With such variation available in color, size and shape you can always use the lamps for the design of any room.

Tiffany's style of lighting and décor first emerged in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Impact is created when hundreds of colorful pieces of glass are fused together to create different shades. Many Tiffany lighting designs come from and are inspired by nature.

When it comes to decorating your home to fit Tiffany lighting, you would probably think you will need lots of antiques and lavish treasures.

However, you do not need to decorate this way. Yes, it is true that the Tiffany lighting is closely linked to early 20'sth Century Art Noveau styles, but it can work just as well in contemporary environments as with nostalgic décor styles.


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If you choose to use more than one Tiffany-style lamp, stick with a shape or design, otherwise your system will look too cramped and chaotic. It is important to maintain this uniform look when decorating with Tiffany lamps. For a sense of cohesion to all room-lamps with similar colors, motifs and designs.

A single Tiffany lamp can easily serve as a focal point for any room, thanks to its disturbing color and craftsmanship. When using multiple lighting, you can combine a Tiffany hanging lamp in the middle of the room and combine it with one or two Tiffany table lamps placed on one side.


When it comes to connecting furniture with Tiffany-style lighting, you need to look for seating that is covered in floral designs to complement the extravagant designs that you find on all Tiffany lamps. The same goes for any cabinets or any bureau you can have in the room. Look for botanical designs to complement the lamps.


Since many Tiffany lamps have beautiful and detailed nature and / or botanical image, it can serve as a great source of inspiration when it comes to choosing wallpaper for your home. Be careful not to have the same amount of detail in your wallpaper as you have on your lamp. You want to choose solid tones that match the colors of your Tiffany lamps, so cream, brown and green often work here.

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Tiffany lamps can be purchased from all quality lighting stores. There are hundreds to choose from, but just remember that the store can't store them all so make sure to ask if the store can order in the light for you. So whether you like the ornate originals or more modern interpretations of the Tiffany lamps, either is a great way to enhance your décor.

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