Simple but Cost-Effective Decoration

Simple but Cost-Effective Decoration Ideas

Nothing illuminates the festivities as a well-organized yet wonderfully decorated environment. Although there is no holiday ahead, apply right decoration ideas in a home, office or commercial place creates a welcoming environment for those who are there.

Over time, we have appreciated the concept of decorations that are applied to a relatively small extent. This concept is now known as “high-tech” style. The beauty of one simple decoration never emphasized. You do not have to spend a lot of money to achieve some desired look in an environment. With a few tips you can achieve quite greatness with little or no damage to yours budget.

We were looking for some cheap ideas which can be used to spice up the view of a room or outdoor space. Here are 10 tips we found that can help:

  1. Plates on a wall

Well, how’s that for hem decor? It seems that the antique tiles in your box can serve a purpose. A variety of tiles with different functions and sizes can be hung in a visible place in your salon. Make sure to include 1-2 regular plates and use only flat ones. Pretty boring trick.

  1. Candles and glass

On a spacious table light with different heights and colors arranged in a cluster in separate glass for a simple but excellent decor idea. This is perfect for couples or family dinners; no need to write a paper full of items to arrange on the table.

  1. Ruffled lights

With some used or cheap linen, a little glue and a favorite lamp you can make some innovative adjustments. The result – a dropped covered lamp that is a definite eye-plug in a visitor’s room. How is it to do cost-effective changes? Absolutely cool!

  1. Pillow cases inhibit

The room may look pretty neat with dirty laundry throughout, but a simple modification of a pillow case can make a big difference. Just attach an 11-inch ring to the open edges and you’re good to go.

  1. Coat from wool

Do you keep a tea party, and you have no small plates for teacups? An old wool sweater might just save the day. With a pair of scissors, a pen or a pencil and a wide mouth (for circular shapes) or the base of a square bowl, you can create wonderful underlays. Just wash them in really hot water, then dry like jeans. When the sweater is sensitive to touch, get a snap! You get colorful underlays that can be used for any occasion.

  1. Books

It may seem strange, but stacked books in a visible corner of a room give it a subtle, royal look that is easily noticed. Arrange the books so that the backs are visible to the eyes while the side pages are facing the wall.

  1. Patterned sheets

A polka dot pillow against an ordinary chair or lounge is a sure way to spice up a place. For bedrooms, use patterned pillowcases with commonly colored sheets every day. The usual colors give the room a uniformly neutral background while the patterns bring out “life” in the usual colors.

  1. Rickety nasty

In fact, an old, rough chair can serve beyond sitting; it can easily be converted to a provisional table. The drawers on an old shelf can also get a makeover. A new spray of wood-colored paint, a drill and some screws and voila! You have a set of shelves ready to be hung on all walls.

  1. A place for antiques

If you live in a house that originally had a fireplace now out of use, don’t forget to fill the space with a wall! A diverse group of collections can be arranged here for display – a set of vases, portraits or even trophies. Of course, it is also important to clean out residual wood and ash.

  1. A splash of color

A set of colored zen stones arranged in the middle of a low table can do much in a room with dull or dark colors. Using bright colored curtains or floor mats to light up the room is also a plus.

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