kitchen remodel

kitchen remodel

I remember the first time I visited my current house with the real estate agent, I was extremely impressed with the beautiful color scheme, the layout and the entire infrastructure of the house. But when I entered the kitchen, my heart literally drowned with grief because it was pretty grubby and dark and urgently needed an ideal elevation.

Well, I knew that I could perfect it with the help of a professional Kitchen entrepreneursSince I'm not very efficient at DIY tasks, getting help from contractors was a must. At the same time, I also wanted to save money because I had a limited budget and couldn't afford to spend a lot of money. That's why I used these methods and saved large amounts.

Stick to the original layout:

Yes, if you stick to an original layout, you can save a lot of money. I was going to change it a little, but it would have required moving walls, changing floors, installing, and moving doors. And that would increase costs significantly. Instead of completely changing it, I preferred to decorate it with the same existing layout. That way I saved over $ 500.

Using subway tiles for backsplash decoration:

Subway tiles are usually considered the cheapest option available. I found that I loved the clean, fresh and classic look there is. I also spent a bit of money and instead of choosing the subway tile, I preferred to use glass subway tiles that create more elegance and beauty in the kitchen.

Went with the self-assembled microwave:

A self-assembled microwave usually takes up less space and is available at a lower cost. I never wanted a full range of large microwaves because they take up more space and are much more expensive. Attach the microwave above the stove to the bottom of one of our kitchen cupboards. In the end, I loved this type of microwave because I no longer had to buy the microwave cabinet that I had to put on. The microwave also looks clean without a shelf.

Have an extractor hood:

Due to the division of my kitchen, I planned a sophisticated extractor hood for wall-mounted stoves, which was not considered a substructure. Unfortunately, when I discovered the actual price range, I had to override the decision. After careful research, I got this in a used condition and saved almost $ 150.

Consider using ready-to-install cabinets:

The high price of custom kitchen cabinets just made me choose ready-to-assemble cabinets that are easy to install and inexpensive. This not only saves me money, it also helps me to keep my kitchen in a super cool way. I was happy with the shape of my white shaker cupboards, which were easy to clean and brush.

Applying thrifty ideas also requires some research and competent knowledge. If you make the wrong decision and choose expensive items, you probably won't save enough. That is the reason for suggestions from Home renovation company Always important, because these experts can give good advice on all types of renovation problems.

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