TV bed Ideas

TV bed Ideas

If you live in the United States, you are probably unfamiliar with the term “TV bed”. Although these unique pieces of furniture have been around the pond for years in the UK and other countries, TV beds are relatively new to those of us in the US. What is a TV bed, how do they work and what are the advantages?

What is a TV bed?

A TV bed is exactly what the name suggests – a bed with a built-in TV. TV beds use a lifting mechanism to lift the TV from a hidden position to a viewing position. The television is most often hidden in the footboard of the bed. The running board then has a hinged lid with which the television can go up and down. TV bed mechanisms are usually powered by an electric motor that is triggered either by a manual switch or by remote control. To improve the viewing experience or enable easy connectivity, TV beds come with a variety of accessories, including built-in speakers, HDMI hubs for easy multi-device connectivity, or IR transmitters that point the remote at the device can use TV regardless of the actual position of the receiving device (DVD player, cable box, etc.).

Is the TV too close in a TV bed?

One of the most common questions people see for the first time on a TV bed is whether the TV is too close to be seen comfortably. The simple answer to this question is no. However, there are a few things to consider, including the size of the TV you want to use. This is obviously obvious when you think about it. You never want to sit as close to the big screen as you do on the TV in your living room. So the real question here is what TV size I can use in my TV bed. If you are in a king-size bed, your eyes are about 30 cm from the screen, plus or minus a few centimeters, depending on which model of the TV bed you are using. At this distance, every 1080p HDTV from approximately 32 to 55 inches (measured diagonally) offers a comfortable viewing experience. With a higher resolution television such as a 4K television, the minimum viewing distance is much smaller, which enables a comfortable viewing experience with televisions up to 75 inches. One note that I, as an experienced TV bed designer and manufacturer, have to make here is that with many TV beds, a 75-inch TV is actually larger than the footboard in which the TV is to be housed. So if you want to use a very large TV in your TV bed, please contact the TV bed manufacturer first to make sure the TV fits.

How can a TV bed transform your bedroom?

The most important and obvious advantage of a TV bed is that it offers the best and by far the most comfortable viewing experience that you can buy for money. Especially if you don't have the desire or the means to invest in an expensive home theater system. There's nothing better than putting on pajamas, pulling the covers up and watching your favorite movie or TV show. For many people, however, TV beds also offer practical benefits. Depending on the size, shape and configuration of your bedroom, there may not be a good place for a TV. Or maybe there is a place for a television, but if you put a television where it works, you have to sacrifice a window. For many TV bed buyers, aesthetics are also important. TVs are great for entertainment, but not as good as bedroom decor. Whatever your reason, there is no doubt that a TV bed has several obvious advantages over a standard bed and offers a unique solution to your entertainment and comfort needs.


Now you know something about TV beds! You can form an excellent centerpiece in every bedroom and ensure an incredible viewing experience. If you want to relax with one of your favorite television shows at the end of the day, imagine you would be watching this TV show on a TV bed. But be careful because once you have an experience TV bed, there is no going back. Nothing will ever be that good.

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