Comfortable Attic Bedroom Ideas

Comfortable Attic Bedroom Ideas – Loft is part of the house that homeowners often ignore. As a result, the attic became dusty and became a home for the rats. This will certainly cause various illnesses.

Although the attic is one of the places rarely exposed at home, keeping it clean is a must. Did you know, however, that the loft can be used as a comfortable place? You can turn an attic into a comfortable bedroom.

For those of you who are interested in turning your empty loft into a comfortable bedroom, here we have ideas for a comfortable loft bedroom that you can follow. So, let's try it out!

Big window attic bedroom idea

According to the researchers, sunlight can make us healthy and happy. It can be concluded from this that sunlight is very important for our life. The bedroom with a large window in the attic is a reasonable idea to follow. Due to the presence of large windows in the attic, sunlight can reach the attic unhindered. This makes the loft lighter. When you see the sunlight in the morning, the mood improves, making you feel happy all day.

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Because of its remote location, the attic often feels stuffy and cramped. This will certainly affect the attic bedroom. Therefore, it is very important to bring sunlight into the attic. Sunlight makes the loft feel warm and refreshing.

In addition, air circulation in the attic also affects comfort. So you can open the attic window in the morning. In this way, fresh morning air enters. It is very good for your health.

Give a little touch of boho rustic idea

One way to make the bedroom in the loft a comfortable place is to showcase a little rustic boho design. This one idea can also make the bedroom in the attic look nice and attractive, so you can feel comfortable here.

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If you bring the rustic boho look to the loft bedroom, you can bring the rocking chair to the loft bedroom. This is a comfortable place for you to stay in the room. You can also add a variety of displays or decorations from ropes or others that have a rustic feel.

Boho Rustic also presents wooden elements with bright colors. In combination with white, the loft of the bedroom looks cute. Always remember that the look also affects the comfort of a room.

Nice lighting and planting idea

Every room definitely needs lighting, including the attic. To make the loft a comfortable and beautiful bedroom, you can use warm light. The light chain is a suitable element so that the bedroom in the attic feels comfortable and looks beautiful.

Nowadays there are many beautiful lights that add value to the room. You can also use these lights to make your loft look more attractive. Use warm light lights to make the bedroom attic feel warm and comfortable.

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In addition to lighting, the presence of plants in the room is very important. When you bring plants to the attic bedroom, this room looks fresh and comfortable. The green color of the plants pampers your eyes and relaxes you.

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