Small Backyard Seem Larger

Small Backyard Seem Larger

While landscaping a small back yard appears like such a tricky home improvement project, it’s only possible to create a sense of expansion if the available space is used properly. A good number of homeowners associate larger courtyards with a magical ambience because they can be designed to provide separate areas for relaxation and entertainment. However, this can also apply to a yard, the area of ​​which is limited because the human brain can be easily tricked. Basically, your brain can be deceived in three dimensions by illusions that change its perception of space.

1. Create several focal points

In fact, this is one of the most effective landscaping techniques you can use to make your small garden appear bigger on the budget. Creating a variety of focal points in your garden is a great way to draw eye attention and help small spaces feel more tidy. For example, you can use colorful mulch in green foliage areas around your small garden, or even plant a variety of flowers of different colors, sizes, and shapes to add extra appeal to the area.

In addition, an arbor above a barren open space forms a focal point by inviting another opportunity to give your small garden an impression of size. However, you must ensure that your priorities are strategically placed and that they also harmonize with other landscape designs.

2. Add depth to your garden

This may sound a bit complex, but it’s a lot easier because it’s a couple of simple landscape designs. For example, to add depth to your garden, plant your plants in layers based on their heights and textures. However, you need to make sure you pick at least two colors and stay next to green. Also, avoid creating straight paths, straight edges, or even straight garden beds in your garden if you want to give it some depth. Lack of depth in your garden not only makes it appear small but also boring, but creating depth helps your garden look beautiful by opening up usable space.

3. Choose the color carefully

The use of color is one of the most popular techniques with which small backyards can appear large. Do you know that the main reason why people plant plants in their yards is the color they provide through their flowers or leaves? Wisely, colors in your garden plants can help improve the appearance of your garden. For example, you need to invest in plants that produce warm colors like red, orange, yellow, and brown because they have an electrifying effect on the human brain. Therefore, consider installing warm colored plants near your garden’s dominant focus or along its edges and borders.

4. Think vertically: Create a vertical garden

Obviously, the biggest challenge with small gardens is mainly the lack of horizontal space, and vertical walking seems to be the most perfect solution. Perhaps it is important to note that your brain derives space based on both horizontal and vertical dimensions. If you add visual cues that pull your eyes up, a garden with limited space will surely get bigger. Trees are an excellent addition to give a garden more height. However, you should be sharp enough when selecting trees, as they have different growth habits and can therefore take different shapes and sizes.

You can also hang planters on fences or even place plants with shallow root systems in trays and attach them to walls or posts around the edges of your back yard. Essentially, you need to plant carefully if you want to have a garden that appears larger without giving up valuable space.

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