Transforming Unsightly Pipes into Chic
  Decor Pieces

Transforming Unsightly Pipes into Chic Decor Pieces

Turn invisible pipes into elegant pieces of decor

Our electrical, temperature-conditioning units and drainage systems are crucial parts of the household's functionality and comfort, but what to do with all pipes, electrical lines and air ducts? When they are unforgettable and unorganized, they can be a real eyebrow and crush the effect of the entire interior.

Many people I know invested a lot to hide the pipes and pipes via false ceilings and total wall reconstruction, but is it really necessary? Such efforts are inevitably pricy and time consuming. We've figured out some cost-effective and stylized ways to cover your pipes, so read on.

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Retro vibe – makes it visible

Nowadays, the classic and rustic design has become a real answer for indecisive property owners. This means that the pipes should be visible. It goes without saying that you need to know how to do it coordinate the nuances to make the uncontrolled tubes glow. For example, neutral shades on walls with earth-colored floors with copper or dark metal tubes are the bomb. Combine it with appropriate vintage furniture to round out the look.

Symbiosis of book storage with visible tubes

Not only will this idea provide you with plenty of storage for your beloved books, but this elegant installation can effectively hide obvious piping. Experiment with the use of industrial plumbing elements and get the elegant effect in your living room.

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Dress up your sink

Under the sink, the installation can hardly go unnoticed, especially in the carefully decorated kitchen or bathroom. Having vulnerable lines is often a blessing, so we can access it faster when sudden accidents occur, advice Sydney-based blocked sewage pipes. But how do we cover it in the meantime? Uses curtains (also called skirts) in suitable material and shade to make it more or less visible.

Steel pipes Investment

Steel pipelines may be a little pricy, but the majestic design they produce is definitely worth it. If you match the steel piping with neoclassical décor, you will make your bathroom forever modern.

Smart and timeless steel pipes can be used in almost any space, in the laundry room, under the sink and in the basement. Among other benefits is their stability, long service life and low tendency to corrosion.

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Vibrating tube paint job

This color work is a twist from the standard procedure you would expect. The assignment of pipe painting can be a task for the children during the weekends. Inspire them to get creative and use their imagination and observe their amazing results. Truth be told, the result may not be an internationally acclaimed masterpiece, but it will no doubt give your home a special note.

Polychromatic insulation tape: cheer up the electrical wiring

First and foremost, we simply cannot leave the wiring on electrical wiring uncontrolled, which is where the insulation band comes to the stage. I only saw black and white in my life, but recently came across the red tinted tape and it gave me an idea. Various live colored and patterned items can easily be obtained online, and the price is a bargain. Take into account your home decor and work from there to get the right type.

As a child in a candy store

Do you love the title? It's as much fun as it sounds. If you are worried about the PVC lines that are difficult to dive into in the lounge or salon, they can turn into candy canes. It is a fantastic idea that requires the least effort on your part, and the beauty of the overall decoration will thus be saved. The process includes white coating the tubes and winding the office in a helical manner. Sweet and painless!

The entire pipeline for a particular property is difficult to circumvent. We suggest that you do not fight it, but let it join your decor with our smartly managed accessories.

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