Rustic Kitchen Decor Ideas

Rustic Kitchen Decor Ideas

What could be more charming than a rustic kitchen in a farmhouse from the 18th century – or maybe what just seems so? For us living in contemporary environments, it may seem like a difficult look to achieve – but a few small details can turn any kitchen into a warm and inviting kitchen.

1. Furnish your rustic kitchen

The rustic kitchen is a place for gatherings. Large tables, comfortable seating and open shelves provide plenty of space for people and easy access to kitchen utensils. When you are thinking of decorating your rustic kitchen, install cabinets and shelves made of salvaged wood with tops in countertops. Keep the floor natural with wide wooden floors or bricks. Kitchen space should be functional, as well as a reflection of natural materials. Deep washing stones sink, large oven areas and kitchen islands create plenty of room for people to gather while food is being prepared.

2. Decorate your rustic kitchen

In a rustic kitchen, tools are lovingly displayed. Copper and cast iron cookware hangs lightly on the ceiling. country Cabinetsand open shelves show simple white crockery and crocks of wooden spoons. The nice thing about a functional kitchen is that there is not much room for excess. Your decorations are your tools; Then again, think of natural fibers, materials and ingredients. Fill bowls with seasonal fruits and vegetables, top cakes with onions and garlic, or even hang drying herbs over the sink for their smell, aesthetics and functionality.

3. Cook in your rustic kitchen

Having a rustic kitchen is all about the food. The food is slow, well thought out yet simple. Each ingredient speaks for itself and is a reflection of what is growing around you. For rustic-inspired food that will keep your family and friends in the kitchen, think seasonally. In the spring fried stacks of asparagus topped with freshly poached eggs. In the summer, create lively heirloom tomato saladsserved with whole baked fish. In the fall, let the room be filled with scents from a Dutch oven apple sharp. In winter, mount individual cottage piesstuffed with carrots, onions, local meat and topped with coarsely mashed cauliflower.

Noella Schink
is a writer and lively home cook from Portland, Maine with a sense of rustic New England decor and culture. She is inspired by the local designer Sturbridge Yankee Workshops for home decor elements such as rustic kitchen tables, chic country curtains, woolen rugs and kitchen utensils.

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