Rearranging Furniture in Your New Home

Rearranging Furniture in Your New Home

If you have finally found your dream home after hunting through the homes for sale, you are now ready to move in the furniture and start enjoying your new home. If you are a first owner of the house or if your house has some quirky architectural details, you may be wondering how to arrange the furniture to make it look attractive. The following five tips should help you decide on the placement of your furniture.

Start with the point of contact

According to the experts with Pasadena homes for sale, find the point of contact in your living room. It can be a fireplace, a window with a view, your entertainment center or an impressive mural. Create a seating arrangement facing that contact point. Add a coffee table and accent table.

In general, the bed is the center of the bedroom. Start there and with the goal of maintaining balance in the room add bedside tables and other furniture as needed. Make sure you do not crowd the room with furniture.

Five tips for rearranging furniture in your new home

Keep the openness in the room

Your rooms should not have so much furniture in them that the flow through the room is hindered. Furniture should not extend over part of a doorway. Make sure people can pull their chair away from the dining table without hitting the wall. Remember that less is best in many situations.

Create cozy places

The master bedroom, guest room and living room can benefit from the creation of a quiet space. This space can be a reading area that includes a chair, table and lamp. It can be a relaxation area with a chaise lounge near a window. A bistro set can be added to the kitchen to create an intimate dining area.

Arrange to accommodate

If you frequently entertain in a room, make sure that guests can easily navigate through the room. You may want to consciously leave empty spaces so extra chairs can be brought into the room when you are entertaining.

Select special features

Do not leave a corner, a niche or an empty furniture room. Find something unique to add a special architectural part of the room. A quirky accent chair and unique lamp could draw attention to an unused corner. A decorative chest and accent mat can tuck nicely into a niche in the bedroom or dining room.

Arrange your furniture to fit your lifestyle and complement the room's shape. Choose furniture that balances with the size of the room and has function.

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