small home office ideas

small home office ideas

How to set up your own little home office

In many cases, the home is not only a place of relaxation but also a place where people do other activities that require a special space. More and more people are adapting to a new model of life and working from home, and the truth is that it is very important to have a space in your home where you can do your job with ease. A simple desk and internet connection is not enough, it is also necessary to create and design a specific space where you feel comfortable and thus ensure productivity.

Define the space

If you share the space with other rooms in the house, such as a dining room, a living room or a bedroom, it is good to separate your workspace with a screen or a cabinet with shelves, drawers and doors to meet all your needs. Another way to divide rooms is with a plasterboard that is used to create a wall quickly and neatly.

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Type of furniture

The design of the furniture goes beyond aesthetic reasons and should follow a criterion of functionality that no one better than you can define. In many cases, it will be necessary to commission furniture, and while it can be expensive, it will allow you to make the most of tricky corners. The furniture should be solid, light and easy to clean.

Customize the space

One of the advantages of having a space solely for work purposes is that you can decorate it to your liking and thus achieve a friendly atmosphere. When it comes to the colors, it is good to choose warm colors that would not tire your eyes.

Storage of opportunities

It is necessary to reflect on your way of working when deciding on the most effective way to order your work items. Resources are many – furniture corners, removable drawers, adjustable shelves to suit different situations, etc. A good idea is to build a library consisting of independent modules that combine shelves, drawers and doors. When designing niches, you need to think about various steps to place CDs, music systems, files, books or magazines.

Good lighting

The natural or artificial light should be optimal for good work performance and also for your health. You can place your home office near a window to maximize sunlight, but make sure the rays do not go directly to the computer screen.


The best thing you can do is accept that your work area at home will not be used for work and create from there. The space where the office is can also be turned into a place to watch movies and spend time with friends. Reducing the amount of stuff you have in the office gives you room to play with other ideas.

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Be careful

Since you work from home and keep all your most important documents and tools in your house, you should pay special attention to the safety of this place. Alarm monitoring can eliminate at least one of your worries that may worry you during those times when you need to relax and have fun away from home.

While you may have to make a compromise with small office space, think of all the positive effects you can emphasize. A smaller space means fewer things to organize, which in turn can help keep the desk clean. Easy access to your home office can mean less time being wasted on unproductively large rooms and more time for you to get all the information handy in time.

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