Spring Decorations for home

Spring Decorations for home

Spring is the perfect time to change your home decor … time for spring decorations! If you are already cleaning the spring, it is easy to make small changes to at least one room in the home during the process. Here are five of the latest decorating trends and easy ways to try them.

Radiant orchid cast

Pantone announces the color of the year every spring, and 2014 is Radiant Orchid. That and other rich purple shades are good for interchangeable seasonal accents like sofa cushions, fruit bowls or photo frames. Throws are also functional for spring, when you may need some warmth one night but not the next.

DIY wall art

Macrame wall brackets, custom cork boards and knitting / scaling stickers are fast, simple, inexpensive and trendy. A cork tree is a fun twist on the classic idea of ​​displaying family photos in the living room, and if you don't know how to macrame it pops up left and right at craft fairs and shops this season.

Care decorations
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Dining room Dhurrie

These thick, flat woven rugs are a great alternative to the warm deep pile you may have laid out for the winter. Available in many colors and designs, its stability and natural pest resistance make dhurries a wise choice for dining rooms. They have been popular in India for centuries, but today's version is so versatile that you do not need an exotic decor for it to work in your home.


For a number of years, housing trends have favored open floor plans. In many homes, this is not utilitarian, so people use room dividers. Slot room dividers are an increasingly popular way of defining spaces within an area. They easily slip away when you don't need them, and they are available in the warm shades of gray you've seen everywhere in spring.

Floral bedroom

Nothing says spring like fresh flowers, and nothing in your bedroom is as easy to change as sheets. Adding flowers, especially pastel flowers, to your bedding can strengthen the room at a low cost. A new flower on the quilt can accomplish the same task, and if you still want more, add small lines of flowers in a second shade with lamp shades, framed wallpapers or pillowcases.

Try any or all of these spring decorating trends for the season's style without breaking the bank. Everyone can work with your existing furniture to update your home's décor.

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