Conversation Piece in Your Decor

Conversation Piece in Your Decor

Trying to find a theme to decorate a room or your entire home can feel a bit overwhelming. One of the best things you can do is start with a central conversation piece to work around. A conversation piece can do wonders for both your home decor and the conversation at your next meeting. It provides a starting point for your decorations and for your conversations. Here are six ideas for conversation pieces in your home.

1. Photo books

Having a photo book on your coffee table is a great way to start a good conversation about a meaningful life event. Keeping a photo book or album of your wedding, children or an exciting holiday can start interesting conversations in an otherwise uncomfortable silence.

2. Antique furniture

Solid wood furniture, such as those found at Jamco Wood Products, in Toronto with beautiful classic style and carving can also be an excellent conversation piece. It is even better if you got it in an interesting way, like on a trip or from a family member.

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3. Interesting souvenirs

Souvenirs make excellent conversation pieces and can be integrated into any room. Whether it is a piece that can be mounted on the wall, an interesting object that can be placed on a finish table or a large piece of furniture. You can even find a place for these types of conversation pieces in the kitchen or bathrooms.

4. Artwork

Artwork always tells an interesting story and can go a long way towards creating the atmosphere in your home. Whether it is old movie posters, print by Van Gogh or an interesting work by a local artist, artwork is sure to get a conversation going while significantly affecting the feel of your decor. Make sure you choose something you like and like, rather than just something that is popular or in style. You will enjoy it more and those who visit your home will enjoy it too.

5. Games

A well-made wooden board game or artistic chess set can provide both decor, conversation and something for guests to entertain themselves with. On a porch or on the back patio, consider getting a fun, casual fabric boards. Games at a prominent place in your home will encourage guests to interact and start conversations. This is especially useful during parties when you want guests to mingle.

6. Memorabilia

If you have a collection, be it comic books, sports equipment or antique cameras, you can find a way to display it in a strange way in your home, such as a case or shadow box. Not only will this add to your décor, it can also lead to interesting conversations about your passion and interests. Finding common interests with your guests often leads to much more meaningful conversation.

Incorporating a conversation piece into your décor doesn't have to be difficult. Find a piece you love that matters to you and find a place for it in your home, whether on the wall or on a shelf. You can use this piece to create your home style and showcase your own unique taste.

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