How to Decorate your Living Room

How to Decorate your Living Room

So let's say you want to change your home and I want to create a friendly atmosphere that matches your new designer sofas and designer pillows. You are probably wondering what color and style the carpet should be and how to change it. Here are some ideas to get your juices flowing so you can start creating your own ideas.

Are you trying the classic burgundy color?

What about a decoration that consists of a burgundy lounge color with burgundy curtains and many smaller neutral colors with other decorations that harmonize with burgundy? This is very trendy when mixed with English style furniture and can be continued into the kitchen with a light beech color.

Are you trying a three-wall color scheme?

You could have three wall sections in white and the fourth opposite in red. This is another trendy living room trick that is best done when you have your sofa on the red wall, so that you watch the three white walls while watching TV. This is a good idea if you have red curtains, but not great if you already have a red carpet. You can also use a contrasting sofa color to see the details when they're against the red.

A chocolate wall?

You can make a wall in chocolate color. Choose a wall section that is the brightest (preferred), then it reflects the light and enlarges the room.

Does it sound?

If you have colorful couches, you shouldn't weaken the rest of your room. Why not have strong splashes of color in the rest of the room so that the sofa doesn't look out of place? Don't overdo it, but a bright orange sofa could have a red carpet underneath, including a more neutral color.

Adapt the decor to new furniture?

After buying furniture, some people change the entire decor. You might want to hang soft curtains with burgundy roses in white veils to center the brightness through the window. You should probably paint the wall against which the sofa has its back or paper it, otherwise your new sofa will lose its effect if it is surrounded by a dirty old wall. You could paint the other walls in cream or beige in a decorative style.

Are you continuing your colors?

If you have a color for your furniture, continue the theme and have the same colored ornaments, with similarly colored lampshades, vases and carpets.

Mix colors?

Try a mix of colors, e.g. B. a mixture of dark green tones on the walls and lighter colors in the darker areas. Otherwise, try a bold style like red, white, and black that shamelessly drapes over your room. You could go a different route and make your room sober and harmonize with white walls, doors and white curtains.

Summary: This article gives you some ideas on how to decorate your living room so that it looks inviting if you just bought or bought designer sofas Designer pillow.

Donna Barker is an interior designer and strongly recommends that the purchase of designer sofas and designer pillows is quickly followed by a renovation of the living room.

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