Best Bathroom Interior Design Ideas

Best Bathroom Interior Design Ideas

Bathroom interior design

The bathroom is a place where we cleanse and refresh our bodies every day after doing many outside activities, which of course cause our bodies to get dirty. Bathing can also reduce stress and make us more relaxed. A good and well designed bathroom will surely increase the feeling. Here we have some bathroom interior ideas that may be suitable for you to use in your bathroom.

Contemporary bathroom interior design

Contemporary bathroom design gives our bathroom both a clean impression and a modern look. This design is really suitable for people who have a modern lifestyle. To create this type of bathroom, make sure that only minimal colors and modern furniture are used. Here we have a good design that you can look at.

© Futuristic architecture
© Angie Helm Interiors
© Giang Dao
© Aquilino Sitoe


Choosing furniture such as a bath, cabinet, sink, etc. is very important as this greatly affects our bathroom design. Choose the furniture with a modern design, like the example pictures shown above, which perfectly match the modern design of the bathroom.


For decoration, we can add some flowers or other green. This is a great idea as it can create a better atmosphere in the bathroom and beautify its look. If we don't really like flowers or greenery as decoration, we can also use the other decoration like the glass bottle as in the third picture.

Minimalist bathroom interior design

Minimalist design is very popular at this moment when many people use it for their home. This design can be used not only for the living room or bedroom, but also for the bathroom. It is really suitable for people who don't like too many things in their room. And here we have a reference to a bathroom with a minimalist design.

© Kjersti Valland
© Design Milk
© Jennifer Chong
© Solly baby


As I said, this design uses less furniture to give a broad impression. Most bathrooms that use this design only use a shower, bath and cabinet. Check out the pictures above, so this type of bathroom looks spacious, although it's not as big as we actually imagine.


This design doesn't use too many colors on the wall or floor of the bathroom. The pictures above already show us what this design looks like. The colors white, gray or light brown are the most common and dominant colors for minimalist bathroom design. These colors are really suitable for a design like this, as they can create an additional effect to enhance the broad impression of our bathroom.

Luxurious bathroom interior design

A bathroom with such a design is suitable for people who like a luxurious and magnificent place. This uses so many luxury items to create the luxurious impression of the bathroom. Below are some examples of luxurious bathroom interior design that we have prepared.

© We know Urban Realty
© Maryann Ramirez
© Barbara Davis
© Mina


This bathroom design is dominated by a huge bathtub with a stylish design like the picture we can see above. With such a huge space, this furniture is really suitable for this design. Due to the enormous size of the bathtub, the user can also feel relaxed and calm. A marble cabinet as in the third picture also fits perfectly with this design.


This bathroom design can be decorated with a large mirror as in the first and second picture. Then a luxury ceiling lamp that is also suitable for this design because it makes our bathroom look glamorous and classy. We can also add a candle light or flower as other decoration to make it more beautiful.

last words

Contemporary, minimalist and luxurious bathroom designs are ideal for our bathroom. With these designs we can enjoy our time bathing in a pleasant atmosphere. Hopefully everything we've given above can give a lot of inspiration to people looking for the best bathroom interiors.

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