Bedroom with Industrial Style

Bedroom with Industrial Style – Industrial style is now known to almost many people. Usually this style is applied to offices and cafes because it looks unique and different from other styles. Industrial style is also one of the simplest styles. This is what many people like and are interested in applying this style to their homes.

It's not a bad thing to give the rooms an industrial style. Instead, the room looks different and remains comfortable. The impression given to this style is cold and masculine, so it is no wonder if this style is popular with men. However, it is not denied that women use this in their rooms.

For those of you who are interested in applying the industrial style to the bedroom, here are tips on how you can give the industrial style bedroom a different look. So, let's try it out!

Exposed wall

The wall is a medium that can be used first to design the room according to the style we want. And for the industrial style, the unplastered wall is the right choice.

The industrial style was first used by European companies that made used factories a comfortable place to live. They didn't overtake anything in the factory, one of which was exposed to brick walls. So you can say that the unplastered wall is a feature of the industrial style.

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The unplastered brick wall makes the room look different. The room will look cooler and more artistic. If you install the unplastered brick wall in your room, you only need to apply it to one wall of the room. By placing unplastered brick walls throughout the room, the room can look stiff and dark.

Iron and aluminum furniture

The second tip to give the industrial style bedroom a different look is to use iron and aluminum furniture. Furniture with these two materials makes the room appear masculine.

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The dominant black color

A characteristic of the industrial style is the dominant black color. The next tip to give the industrial-style bedroom a different look is to use black furniture. The use of black on iron furniture makes the room look masculine and cold. In addition, the dominant black color makes the industrial style popular with men.

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The blanket

In industrial style, the blanket also needs attention. The material used for the ceiling influences the appearance of the industrial style. Biasnya, industrial style uses wood for the ceiling, but there are also some that use concrete. You can choose one of the two.

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Another tip you can follow to create an industrial-style bedroom is to leave the ceiling free. Do not cover the blanket with anything as this is a feature of the industrial style. The exposed ceiling is what makes the industrial style different and unique than the other styles.

There are usually pipes on the ceiling that you don't need to cover. These pipes make your room look exactly unique. When the pipes have started to rust, you can repaint them with black paint.

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