How to Turn Your Basement into a Rec Room
  for Your Family

How to Turn Your Basement into a Rec Room for Your Family

When you start the project of turning your home's basement into a family lounge, the first thing you need to talk about is. Let all family members talk about what the purpose of the hobby room should be, what they want in a family hobby room, and how it can best serve the entire family.

Basement hobby rooms can be an invaluable family space that family members of all ages can enjoy in any weather. It is always a wonderful addition to the family home.

Media center

One of the most popular uses for a family hobby room in the basement is a media center. If your family wants a media center, definitely give them a great one. Install a large TV that is large enough to be really fun but does not cause a headache or neck pain. The television can now be used for watching TV, watching movies, video games and even as a computer monitor. When you have all the devices you want, such as DVD players and video game consoles, turn to the comfort factor.

Choose large, comfortable sofas and chairs with stools to sit on for a while. Cuddling with loved ones is a wonderful part of family television or movie time. Some families want to add refrigerators and cabinets in the media center's hobby room so that snacks and games can be easily kept nearby for easy access. Whatever you choose, choose it as a family to ensure hours of hours of enjoyment together.


Another great way to turn your basement into a family lounge is to make it a fun playground for children. Exactly what you enter there depends on the age and interests of your children. For older children, the media center setup and some tables for drawing or playing board games are sufficient. The comfortable sofas and chairs are also perfect for quiet reading times.

You can paint a wall with blackboard paint for creative drawing and taking notes. For younger children, you can sprinkle rolling beanbags for reading or napping. Younger children love toys that are arranged in centers – a corner for dressing up, tables for Legos, space for drawing and designing. Have lots of soft toys, bean bags and pillows on which small bodies can land while playing, because children love to throw their bodies around.

Active space

Some families are known to transform the basement into a seriously active room with concrete floors for roller skating, mini trampolines on pillow floors, and pool tables and ping pong tables. This is a great way for families to stay active when the weather is terrible outside.

If your family's basement was mostly used for storage, you can pack these things and keep them in another location – for example, a Santa Rosa Ca storage unit. If you put away the boxes and things you don't need, the room becomes an empty canvas waiting for your family hobby room to be designed.

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