Natural Light Decoration for Home

Natural Light Decoration for Home

Natural light has many benefits for body and soul. Sunlight helps the body generate vitamin D while it lifts spirits and relaxes tired senses. Dark rooms are often associated with grief and depression, so here are some tips to light up your home with natural light. Your plants will also thank you for it!

Install a skylight

Skylights let in natural light into your residential area, even on rainy days. At night, the moon and stars create a surrounding glow indoors. In bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens, skylights also provide warmth, beauty and value. Choose a reputable company for installation so that they do not leak in bad weather.

5 Tips to Improve the Natural Light of Your Home

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Add sliding glass doors

If you have a deck, patio or a nice garden, sliding glass doors will enhance the view while providing extra sunshine in your home. As this is a higher ticket way to improve your indoor lighting, Samuels Glass recommends shopping around for the best quality and value before choosing an installer.

Clean the windows

It's amazing how much light a dirty window pane can block. A good cleaning, inside and out, several times a year is in order. Make your own window cleaner with 2 cups of water, 1/4 cup of white vinegar and a spray of detergent. That film of soot and dirt comes right out, leaving your windows sparkling and the whole house brighter.

Hang clean curtains

Dark curtains block light. Try bright or white fabric for your curtains and you will notice a big difference. If there is no alternative, extend the curtain rods so you can pull back the curtains all the way to the frame and reveal the entire window surface. Another option is to install the curtain rods halfway down the window so that the upper half is completely uncovered.

Paint with bright colors

Dark colors absorb light, making rooms appear smaller. Bright colors reflect natural light, enhance it and make the space appear expansive and airy. If you are painting a dark wall, you can buy a high quality primer to avoid the need for second and third coats. This is the most labor-intensive way to increase your natural light in your home, but it works like a charm!

Natural light helps people wake up more easily, feel healthier and respond better in stressful situations. Follow one or all five of these tips for a brighter home and a happier vision.

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