Your Old Ugly Sofa: Ways to Dispose off
  and Recycle Sofa

Your Old Ugly Sofa: Ways to Dispose off and Recycle Sofa

Is it time to dispose of the tattered furniture? Recycle sofa?

Have you seen better days? Before you throw it away, take a close look at what you have left, because with a little creativity, this couch can be recycled and turned into something unique. Let's start with the basics. Are the pillows in good condition? How about the frame? Pull on a portion of the fabric near the base to see what your couch is made of, to find out what can be reused. Let's consider all options for converting your sofa.

Recycle the sofa
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Functional pillows
If the pillows are in good condition, you can use them well. You may be able to reuse them as floor pillows with little or no sewing. If parts of the cushion fabric are worn out, you can replace them with fresh material from the store. A few ideas on what to do with these pillows:

1) Floor cushions can be a great accent for a family or living room.

2) Create a cute mini sofa where kids can read or do homework.

3) Some creative artisans have even combined their old pillows with an old chest of drawers to make a unique footrest or stool.

4) If you are a pet lover, you may even want to try designing your own pet bed.

5) If you knit or crochet, you should make this stool with the pillow yourself. If you find a meter of usable fabric between your couch and the pillows, you can even sew a stool. Remember that they are not only good for sitting, but also serve as a comfortable footrest.

Recycle the sofa
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S.Alvage this stuff

Sofa fabrics serve a purpose: long film nights, family games, naps with puppies, late-night learning sessions and other activities. So the stuff has to be good for other things. You can do a few things with the fabric:

1) Make a tie or bow tie out of the fabric. With the right couch design, you can get a pretty chic look.

2) Cut the fabric into place mats, pusher or potholders.

Recycle the sofa
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Use the frame

What to do with an old sofa frame You will be surprised what some creative do-it-yourselfers have tried!

1) How about a chicken coop? This is no joke. If the wooden frame is in good condition, you just need a piece of wire and a stapler. Voila, a home for your backyard chickens!

2) Or how about in the garden. Some green thumbs have used their frame as a unique raised planter. With a few pots on the armrest, your garden is certainly the most interesting in the neighborhood.

Discard what you cannot use
Whatever you do, remember to recycle. Even an old and ugly couch needs an environmentally friendly resting place. If you need help and live in Central Indiana, check out Ray & # 39; s Trash Service. You have been in business since 1965 and are committed to environmental responsibility.

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