Washroom Decor Ideas

Washroom Decor Ideas

Bored bathroom? Five great ways to make your laundry wonderful

Your bathroom is seen daily – both by your family and visitors in your home. Do you know this, why would you settle for something less than exciting? Invest in these amazing ways to give your bathroom the makeover it deserves.


Painting can be as simple as a color on the walls or as complex as patterns and textures. This can be especially gratifying if you have a limited budget. Sometimes, in order to feel bigger, all the bathrooms have to be some well-placed vertical stripes. Just make sure to invest in higher quality paint, as it can withstand the growth of mold and mold much better.


Available in all shapes and colors, tiles are a great way to take a fairly basic design and turn it into something much more romantic. While some choose the classic white, many turn to stone as this material is much more absorbent. How you post it is up to you. Go for a horizontal stripe over the wall if you are limited on money but still want some decoration.

Image source - www.kenwoodkitchens.com
Image source – www.kenwoodkitchens.com


This includes all the little things. The shower heads, towel racks, faucets and lighting fixtures are all small details that can either add or detract from the character of the bathroom. The upgrades don't have to be expensive either. Instead of shopping directories, decide on the bathroom and build from there. For example, if you have a ski motif, use a ski blade mounted on the wall as a towel holder.


Grout and caulk get dirty very quickly. If they are white, they look dirtier even faster, which makes your bathroom look much nicer than it actually is. For both, either invest in an electronic detergent or pull out an old toothbrush and a cup of diluted bleach. You would be surprised what a visual difference is pure caulk and grouting.


The lights in the bathroom do not have to be strictly placed above the vanity and need not be a row of giant incandescent lamps. Be sure to change this with light mounted on each side of the mirror. Also test different shapes and colors. While some may enjoy a bright white light, many lock on warmer yellows.

Whether you completely turn on the bathroom or look for a relatively inexpensive upgrade, you can make it happen. Try these great options to make it more homely than sterile.

Information credit to Amyotte's Plumbing & Heating Ltd.

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