Five Cheap Ways to Makeover Your Entryway

Five Cheap Ways to Makeover Your Entryway

Make an impression when guests first step through the doors of your home by screwing up your foyer. Dramatic changes do not need budget sets, although you need some creativity and a good sense of what you want. Knowing your preferences should be a breeze to give your foyer a makeover. Browse the suggestions below to brainstorm for this exciting DIY project.

Choose a bold color

Weaving the color you want in a room requires minimal work as it does not require you to replace everything in the room. You can keep the wall color while painting trim, for example, or keep the furniture and add textiles to your color scheme. It is fast and works with much of the room’s existing decor, but you will be amazed at how little color can go a long way.

Fill the empty wall space

Bare walls are movable but may seem uninspired over time. Make a statement by hanging your favorite photos on the wall:

  • Buy cheap picture frames with different styles and sizes from your local discount store and fill the space with color and variety
  • For a measured method, use matching sets of frames and view selected photos that a gallery would make
  • Hang an enlarged portrait on high ceiling walls for those who are willing to make bold design choices

Apart from photos, there is a selection of interesting wall decorations available as decals or flat ornaments.

Invest your budget in a mat

A quality rug is so much like art that it could be hung on the walls, and there are actually antique or rare rugs that are collected and displayed for their beauty. Instead of making small purchases, why not simplify the decision and buy a good piece that commands the room. The rug should be large enough to take up much of the space when you first enter, and regardless of the price tag, you must feel comfortable with guests exercising on it.

A simple word: De-mess

This option requires no new purchases, but you may have to share some of your mess, some of which may have no value beyond the sentimental value. Newspapers or flyers should not be in the flyer if you want to leave your guests with a certain impression of your home. When you remove the mess, you can enjoy the room as it is.

Need new furniture? what if

Simply arranging furniture can greatly change the flow and appearance of the room. If you choose a more minimal look than the foyer’s current location, remove furniture from the space, perhaps into a room. Or if your foyer seems a little sparse, consider borrowing pieces from other parts of your home, such as the living room or dining room. Try to work with what you have before rushing out to the stores.

Other general tips include:

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