Ideas for low cost Kid’s Rooms interior

Ideas for low cost Kid’s Rooms interior design

How about interior design at a low cost Children's room?

Decorating children's rooms is a daunting task for all parents as it requires time, patients and a lot of creativity which can be a challenge after a hard day at work.

But customizing your child's room can be a fun project and a nice opportunity for some quality time with your children. This activity can save you time and money and all you have to do first is choose a style or theme in the room. Think of every piece of furniture in that room and find a creative way to customize it. Here are some examples of how to change your child's room.


The transformation of walls can be achieved really easily by applying a layer of fresh paint and the possibilities are endless. It is a good idea to look for neutral and pastel colors if you do not have a specific theme in mind. The neutral walls will blend in with all other details and if you want to use more colors and focus your attention on just one wall, you can highlight it with a few bright color tones.

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Mini Gallery

Embrace some of the drawings your kids have done and add some personal touch to the room. Use an old frame and repaint them to get a new new look. You can also create a mosaic from different colored papers, create a background and frame it. This mini gallery can represent what your child likes most or you can use some important photographs, calendars with important dates or even travel tickets.


Large wall stickers have a good influence on children's rooms and the best part is that they do not cost much. They can freshen up the wall and make the room much more interesting. It is easy to remove these stickers and they will not damage the wall which means you can change them whenever you want. This is a great way to make some changes and update the room every now and then. By using stickers you can change the interior of your room as your children get older.


If you have the time and talent for painting, you can draw some designs and then mark all the edges. Later you can add some colors with your kids and teach them something about creativity. This option is suitable for creating certain themes and sometimes it can be very demanding. If you decide to go through this option, you should pack on many patients and equip yourself with adequate colors and accessories.

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If you don't like the current curtains, it doesn't necessarily mean you have to buy a new one. There is always an opportunity to revive them by adding various accessories such as jewelry, ribbons, buttons and other decorative details. You can sew some fabric stickers or simple monochromatic material and create brand new curtains. If you need to buy new curtains, look for shorter ones because children tend to step on them while they play.


New linens can dramatically change the look of the room so look for strong colors that contrast with the neutral walls. Another thing you can change is pillow covers by matching them with the color of your bed. You can even make some changes to the bed frame. For example, if you have chosen a pirate theme for your son's bedroom, you can create a pirate ship and attach it to the existing bed frame. If you have the right tools, you can even make a pirate wheel from a drum guard.


Consider using an existing piece of furniture and replacing it with what you have in your nursery. Get creative and combine different furniture with almost no expense. If you have a dark wardrobe, you can repaint it and have it blend into other parts of the room. Don't forget that your children have many toys, books and clothes. That's why you need to have cabinets to store all these things. For toys you can use different plastic baskets and integrate them into the theme of the room.

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Naked floors in children's rooms can be dangerous for a variety of reasons, which is why many recommend that you cover the entire room with a rug. The main reason is that the wooden floors can become slippery and cold. Children enjoy playing on the floor so warm and fur rugs are an excellent solution. It provides comfort and complements the room's surroundings.

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