re-style your kitchen

re-style your kitchen

Do you hesitate to style your kitchen because of the high budget? If so, don't worry anymore. Here is a list of 7 inexpensive tricks to style your kitchen. Do not believe? Look here –

1. Color your closets: Give your kitchen an instant makeover by painting your cabinets in bright colors. Freshly painted cabinets ensure that the aesthetics of your kitchen go one step further. Be it glossy black or matte white – it gives your kitchen a sleek look this season.

Tipping: Match the cabinet colors to the kitchen walls.
For example – white cabinets with yellow or orange kitchen walls go well together. Black cabinets with white-colored kitchen walls are also suitable for a refined look.

2. Add a splash of color to the kitchen walls: Not everyone knows that painting kitchen walls can work wonders. Don't you believe us Try it yourself. Choose bright colors this spring and see how your kitchen will get a new look in no time.
Tipping: Compare the kitchen walls with the cupboards. Possible examples –

Ivory or green walls complement cherry-colored cabinets.
Dark walls complement light cabinets

3. Update your devices: Cover the old and worn kitchen appliances with art magnets. Choose art magnets to beautify your kitchen appliances. Art magnets look good on refrigerators. Some homeowners also use art magnets for their dishwashers.
Tipping: Best art magnet designs – stainless steel, paintings, vacation theme and so on.

Image source:
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4. Create a center of attention: Create a focus element in your kitchen instead of being monotonous throughout the kitchen. Color the central cabinet differently than the other cabinets.

5. Install new knobs and handles: Change the handles and knobs of your kitchen cabinets. Streamline handles are currently fashionable. If you want to convert your traditional kitchen into a modern one, choose these handles. They complement a cosmopolitan look that inevitably adds to the attractiveness of your kitchen.

6. Decorate the kitchen countertops: It is perhaps one of the most difficult places to style. Between frequent cooking and leftovers, this kitchen area finds it difficult to look good all day long.
Housewives often hide their kitchen worktops with endless kitchen appliances. Well, it's not a really realistic idea.

With a little planning and hard work, you can make your kitchen brilliant. Here are some suggestions to consider when styling your kitchen countertops:

  • Place the wooden cutting board on the corner of the kitchen worktop
  • Keep fresh fruits and vegetables on the countertop. (Avoid storing packaged foods.)
  • Place cooking oils next to the stove
  • Store all cooking magazines and recipe books in one corner of the worktop
  • Decorate the worktop with herbs.

7. Personalize your kitchen: Update your kitchen with items you love – paintings, family heirlooms, family photos and so on. Remember which style you choose, ultimately your kitchen should have a positive ambience. Try to bring in personal innovative ideas instead of innovative styles. They will look fantastic and will give you appreciation from everyone.
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