DIY Project: Easy Ways to Decorate Your
  Home with Wall Art

DIY Project: Easy Ways to Decorate Your Home with Wall Art

DIY projects: Easy ways to decorate your home with wall art

Have you ever been tired of staring at your empty walls at home? Or even thought of things you can do to improve the look? While others want a regular color, others prefer wall art or wallpaper. Having the right design not only adds to the beauty of your home, it also allows good vibes to come in. It doesn't matter if you live in one houses and lots in Talisay or any property in the Philippines, there is no reason for you not to have a desirable result.

But before placing your wall art, there are things you need to think about to achieve good results. To give you an idea, below are the ways you can decorate your home with wall art in a creative way.


The statements not only provide beauty, but also give us the encouragement we need. Make a statement or word with the use of a rope and glue it on a piece of wood. Make sure the rope is properly glued to the wood to make sure it does not fall when installing it on your wall.

Basket wall art

If you have baskets at home that are not in use, you can cut the lower part of it. With it you will have a rounded shape basket. To create a basket wall art, just decorate the basket with whatever design you have in mind using paint tape and then spray it with paint.

Hanging yarn wall

This is one of the simplest DIY projects one can do. Simply tie different colored threads on a branch or something that would look like a modern or rustic wall hanger. After coupling, you can now display it on the wall.

Cutouts of paper

Carved designs are also a great way to decorate your wall with art. Maybe you can go for a nature-inspired pattern, cut it out and place it in the top layer of paper and then put on top with another colored paper to make a 3D effect.

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Framed calendar pages

If you happen to see an old magazine with unique images, you may want to cut it out and put it on a frame. A collection of these picture frames would create a gallery on your wall. Just make sure to install the frames firmly on your wall so as not to fall.

Watercolor wall art

Showcasing your creativity through painting is good. In addition, you can use your talent to decorate your walls at home. All you have to do is paint all the patterns on a clipboard and hang it on your wall. You will be proud to hang your masterpiece on your wall.

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Decorating your wall is a big factor when it comes to home improvement. Again, wall art not only adds beauty, but it also gives you the vibe you need to have a healthier and happier lifestyle.

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