The best way to make your old wood
  furniture look new

The best way to make your old wood furniture look new

The best way to make your old wooden furniture look new!

I think you have to agree with me when I say that nobody likes old furniture. By old furniture I mean those who rarely have color and look like they came from the Second World War.

But what if I told you there was a way to make this old furniture look new? And what if I told you you didn't have to pay thousands of dollars to look new?

Usually this furniture is not "broken" and like most old things really high quality, but it just looks ugly because half the color has disappeared. And how do you best make them look new? Repaint them.

You probably think it would cost you a lot of money to send them somewhere to repaint them, and it isn't worth spending that much money on old things … but what if you knew a way to do this with you to do at home without spending too much money?

I know a way and I will teach you how …

When I moved to my new house, the family that was there left a lot of old things in the garage. The stuff was really good, but they looked so old that my wife wanted to throw them away, but I had a better idea.

So I opened my laptop and started searching. A lot of Google replies told me to send them to local painters, but most of them cost a lot and we were on a tight budget. So I came across this website https: // where I read that I can use "Heat Guns" to repaint my old furniture.

I thought how can I use hot air guns to repaint things when they only blow hot air? But listen to me …

How do I use hot air guns to remove paint?

Of course, you can't repaint old furniture directly with hot air guns, but before you paint it, you need to remove all of the old paint. This is not that easy since hot air guns blow hot air. If you don't use them properly, you can injure yourself, your family members, or even the object you want to remove paint from.

Now every hot air gun does its job, sometimes with small objects. I've even used a hair dryer, but that's not recommended. With the exception of hot air guns, you also need a “spatula”.


Almost all hot air guns blow really hot air between 200 and 1000 degrees, and for this process the temperature must be between 500 and 1000 degrees.

So start your hot air guns and wait at least 3 minutes for them to warm up. Remember that you must always stay at least 3 or 4 inches away from the object, otherwise you can overheat it. Different models of hot air guns require different distances. Be sure to read the manual for the model you are using.

After heating, make sure that you hold the heat gun with one hand and the "spatula" with the other hand. Now use one hand to slowly direct the hot air towards the part you want to remove paint from. Make sure that you move the heat gun and do not keep it in the same place for too long, otherwise you can destroy the object.

On the other hand, use the "spatula" to scrape off the paint from the old furniture. This may be a long process, but it's worth it. Once you've removed all of the color from the object, you can use any color you want to paint and they will look brand new.

last words

With a little research I have now made a "new" table where we eat every day and which is really nice. Not only did I save a lot of money by not buying a new table, I also had a great time with my wife.

Of course I didn't use all the things I found in the garage. I sold most on eBay or Amazon, so I not only got a "new" table from this method, but also some "free" money.

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