Modern Style For Bedroom Design With
  Spanish Colonial Idea

Modern Style For Bedroom Design With Spanish Colonial Idea

modern bedroom design
© Becki Owens

A. modern bedroom style Spanish Colonial Design could be the best choice for you. Nowadays, finding a unique bedroom design doesn't have to be classic or luxurious anymore. The Spanish colonial idea brings with it a new side of bedroom design, as it differs significantly from the design of others. They probably only knew if there was a colonial atmosphere in the middle of this era. Do not hesitate because this creative idea will inspire you.

A modern Spanish colonial idea for bedroom design

A bedroom is a place where you and your family can rest after being active all day. A cozy bedroom brings your energy back to face another activity the next day. Don't worry, Becki Owens has a brilliant idea to make your bedroom more comfortable, yet stylish. One of their astonishing ideas is a modern Spanish colonial era, which is suitable during this period. She knows how to make space look modern rather than colonial. She always uses unique and modern furniture together with other materials. You can check out their work below.

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© Becki Owens

If you have a small space in your bedroom, you shouldn't use a dark view at first as this will narrow your space. Becki Owens chooses a light color to avoid a dark feeling for the owner. She also chooses modern elements to make room for the old box that becomes modern, like using Bohemian Vibe. She does not use ornaments on the wall itself to avoid overcrowded space, and she paints with Benjamin Moore Simply White.

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© Becki Owens

To lighten the room, light wood is suitable as a material for decorating the bed frame. The four-poster bed becomes the center of this room because the carving is made of wood, which has a colonial atmosphere. Then a blue-black color of the carpet combines the bohemian atmosphere as elements for this room. It looks great, doesn't it?

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© Becki Owens

Moving to another piece of furniture there is a white bedside table next to the bed frame. The color matches a blue watercolor porcelain lamp over the bedside table. A mirror is hung on the wall to make it easier for the owner to put it on.

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© Becki Owens

The pillows on the bed are also decorated by Becki Owens. She chooses vintage textiles and combines two black and one pink pillow. It looks great when you combine vintage colors with a Spanish idea in the midst of a modern bedroom style design.

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© Becki Owens

A small room in the bedroom will no longer confuse you as this design has inspired you to create your own bedroom. A modern style for bedroom design with Spanish colonial times is the best choice for you to give a cozy feeling while resting. If you want to find other great designs, just visit and check Here.

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