Design Tips for an Easy-Clean Kitchen

Design Tips for an Easy-Clean Kitchen

5 design tips for an easy-care kitchen

Whether you're a passionate cook or a busy professional, your kitchen is likely to get messy more often than you want. From greasy spots, limescale deposits, food stains, spills, and overcrowded countertops, it seems like you're fighting a lost battle if you keep everything clean and tidy. Fortunately, there is an easier way to prevent the mess in your kitchen corner without the stack of cleaning supplies.

With a few clever design improvements, you can create a functional, low-maintenance kitchen that is fun. These ideas save you time and make daily cleaning easy.

Efficient floor plan

When you redesign your kitchen from scratch, start with the floor plan. A functional layout facilitates the use of the location and shortens the cleaning time. Depending on the size of your space, you have several options. The kitchen triangle is a traditional choice. This arrangement connects the three key areas in the kitchen – the stove, the sink and the fridge for optimal efficiency. This layout is particularly suitable for small rooms. For a larger kitchen, you can try out the workplace, which offers you a separate place for each task.

Stain resistant flooring

Some floor coverings are less prone to stains than others. Choose options that require a single wipe with the mop. Linoleum, marmoleum and vinyl panels require minimal maintenance and look good. If you want to lay tiles, strive for a few thin joint lines. Large-format tiles save you scrubbing grease and spilled material. If you cannot get such a floor covering, choose epoxy mortar to keep cleaning to a minimum. Hardwood seems attractive because it looks fantastic and is easy to clean, but spills and stains should be removed immediately.

Image - iStockphoto
Image – iStockphoto

Low maintenance worktops

Countertops tend to get messy very quickly. Choose materials that are not easy to color, such as stainless steel, laminate, quartz and corian. Tiles are not a good choice because they have grout to scrub and seal. Granite is both beautiful and easy to care for. The downside is that it can be a little expensive and needs to be sealed occasionally. Laminate and large format tiles are good, inexpensive alternatives to expensive granite.

Functional furniture and devices

Moldings and decorative elements look pretty on the kitchen cabinets, but wiping takes longer. A sleek and simple design makes cleaning less complicated. Shaker style furniture is flexible and blends in well with traditional and contemporary decor.

Image- iStockphoto
Image- iStockphoto

Lots of storage space

With all the appliances, cookware and appliances, it's almost impossible to keep the kitchen organized. Provide enough storage space for all of your devices. With the bespoke cupboard and pantry cabinet, you can effortlessly pull out your favorite cookware and then put it away when you're done. Roller and corner drawers are creative solutions for small kitchens or unpleasant places. Pull-out containers not only keep the unattractive trash cans out of sight, they also create space on the floor.

With these intelligent design techniques, your kitchen will look flawlessly clean and organized almost effortlessly.

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