Mirrors Designs for Home Decor

Mirrors Designs for Home Decor

Every home has its flaws, from fading color, to outdated carpet colors, but you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to fix your favorite room. Even if you should never hide potentially dangerous defects, such as a sinking foundation, you can still cover cosmetic problems that affect the overall aesthetic. Smart updates and distraction techniques ready your home for a big party or open house for real estate.

These windows

The original homeowners could have hired questionable contractors when they hung the windows. The frames may not have 90 degree angles and appear to be distorted if you look at them while sitting on the couch. Mask your windows with a combination of blinds and curtains. The blinds should hang in the window frame, but install the curtain rods on the outside of the frame. Let them extend beyond the width of the frame so that curtains can cover both window and wall edges. You soften the window and cover all the odd shapes from critical visitors.

Security systems are a plus

Large holes in the wall are difficult to plaster with plaster and show obvious stitches even with a new paint job. If you have a special hole that needs coverage, install the security system you have seen, such as Vivint in Jersey City NJ. Security control panels cover ugly holes and provide distractions for visitors or potential buyers. An operating system, including one from Bethlehem’s home security, gives visitors a sense of comfort and control, along with increasing the value of the home.

Smart paint

Painting the inside of your home is a simple and inexpensive way to hide old, pale colors. You can go even further by creating a structured feel with mushrooms. When applying the paint, go over the area with a sponge. When you drop the paint, small hills and valleys are created along the surface of the wall. This depth added to the color is an interesting distraction from an otherwise dull wall color.

Flooring strikes

Carpets in high traffic areas collect stains over time. Even if carpet cleaners remove some stains, the floor does not look brand new unless you change carpet. Move your furniture around to cover the space or strategically lay down carpets. By using rugs, you update the area’s color palette while concealing ugly stains.

Hiding cosmetic maid resins will save you money and time as an event or sale approaches. Your home seems perfect, but only you and your family know about these masked problems.

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