Make Your Small Living Room Look Bigger

Make Your Small Living Room Look Bigger – The growing population makes it difficult to get big land in urban areas. The construction of small houses in urban areas is currently booming. However, this does not mean that you cannot make your home a comfortable place.

A small house makes little space in the house. Due to the tight space, many people often complain that their home is very uncomfortable. We feel crowded in the narrow space.

Since home is the place where people can relax, some people will try to make their room as comfortable as possible. Usually people choose the living room as an important place in their home. The living room is often used to chat with friends and family. If the narrow living room feels stuffy, this affects the atmosphere of the house. However, there are simple things that will make your small living room look bigger. And here we have provided it for you. So, let's try it out!

Apply large window

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The first thing you can do to make your narrow living room look bigger is to attach the large window to your house. A small room needs more light. Using natural light is the right choice. The natural light does not make your small room feel stuffy and the atmosphere becomes warm and comfortable.

Add carpet

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The rug will make your little living room look bigger. It's because the carpet gives the illustration to the people who see this. The carpet also makes your living room look more attractive. Try to choose the soft carpet so that you feel comfortable when you step on it.

Hang the mirror on the wall

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The third simple thing you can do is hang the mirror on the wall of the living room. The mirror reflects the shadow in your room and makes the room appear larger. In addition, mirrors can also reflect incident sunlight and make your small living room look brighter and not stuffy.

There are so many types of mirrors that you can choose. Try to choose the mirror that fits your living room. In addition, the mirror could be the display for the living room. This would make the living room look more attractive.

Place the plant in the corner of the room

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To make the living room feel fresh and comfortable, you can add some plants to the living room. If you choose the large plant, you can put it in the corner of the room.

You cannot put the couch in the corner of the room. Enter the space between the wall and the couch. So you can use it to place the plant. Choose plants that can actually survive indoors.

Use bright colors

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The last thing that makes your narrow living room appear larger is the light color as the basis of the room. Try to choose white as the base for the living room. White reflects the sunlight that came into the room. This makes your living room feel bigger and not stuffy.

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