Fibrex Windows ideas

Fibrex Windows ideas

Fibrex Windows – an innovative choice

Are you looking for a good set of windows for your new home or trying to give your old windows a review? With the latest trends in home improvement leaning towards more efficient alternatives, the usual windows simply won't do; you need more innovative solutions. Fortunately, Fibrex windows are about innovation. You are probably asking "What is Fibrex?" and "Why should I get Fibrex windows?".

At first glance, Fibrex looks very similar to the vinyl used to make window frames. But that's more than that: Fibrex consists of PVC polymers mixed with wood fiber. The wood fiber gives Fibrex extra strength without being too heavy, resulting in a tough lightweight material perfect for window frames.

As you've probably heard, people have different opinions about how tough different types of window material are, but believe me when I say that Fibrex is one of the toughest options out there. Unlike vinyl, Fibrex is strong enough to not sink or warp over time. However, the polymer contained in a Fibrex window makes it sufficiently flexible to prevent it from becoming brittle as fiberglass. Fibrex can go toe-to-toe with fiberglass, which is already known to be tougher than wood and metal. Let it sink in.

Of course, being innovative is not just about being tough; it is about covering as much land as possible in terms of technological development, including energy efficiency. It can still get very cold during certain months in San Francisco, so you need windows that provide good insulation. Fibrex frames stand out for good insulation and in combination with low E-glass they can create a thermal barrier to keep indoor temperatures more consistent.

It is not only you who would benefit from better insulation. Since it would be easier to regulate indoor air, your heater or air conditioner doesn't have to work as hard – or use as much energy – to try to keep the temperature at a comfortable level. Less load on your appliances extends the service life. Combined with lower electricity bills, you can save significantly in the long run.

When it comes to windows, innovation also includes the combination of form and function. Like vinyl, Fibrex windows can have a smooth, clean finish, which fits well with modern homes. But that doesn't mean that Fibrex windows are limited to trendy home designs. Fibrex frames can have a wooden structure that gives them a more traditional look, perfect for homes that favor a more classic visual theme. Because the Fibrex material is so strong, it is possible to have windows with thinner frames, which gives more space for glass panels. In short, larger windows for greater outdoor views.

Innovation does not end with providing your window needs. Because Fibrex is made from recyclable material, the manufacturing process for Fibrex-framed windows has little environmental impact. In addition, Fibrex window frames can also be recycled to new window frames at the end of their lives instead of being sent to a landfill.

With so many advantages over other types of window materials, there is no doubt that Fibrex windows are truly an innovative window solution. If you want to know more about this excellent material, look for window vendors that sell Fibrex windows and call them!

About the author:

Alex Esler is the marketing manager for the renewal of Andersen, a company that specializes in window replacement. To help homeowners get the most out of their windows, Alex regularly shares tips on different window options through blog posts and online articles.

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