Family-Friendly DIY Home Enhancement

Family-Friendly DIY Home Enhancement Projects

Your home provides shelter and a safe haven for your family members to relax and reconnect. Spend time tying up this summer as you complete some DIY projects together in your home. Try one or more of these suggestions while upgrading your home and having fun.

Create a memory book

Choose a favorite vacation, event, or year, and turn those memories into a digital or paper keepsake book. Add photos and paper reminders of the event, create unique graphics using the presentation software, and add stickers and colored paper to the book. Then each family member can take turns writing their unique perspectives. With this reminder book, your family will spend time remembering a favorite activity together and will receive a keepsake book that will give you joy for many years to come.

Build a cornhole board

Cornhole is a fun outdoor game and will give your family hours of fun. Build your own cornhole board to improve your outdoor picnics or relax after a long day's work. After building the cornhole board, design it in bright colors or in the colors of your favorite sports team. Sew your own bags from old t-shirts or blankets filled with rice. If you like this DIY project, you should start a fun family business and make cornhole boards for resale Apps like eBay, Etsy or Shopify.

Decorate a fan

Stay cool all summer with a colorful fan. This project is so fun that you might want to do one for each family member!

  • Assemble paint, brush and smock.
  • Pull the plug out of the socket and remove the protective cover.
  • Paint every single blade. Choose bright colors for the best results.
  • Let the paint dry.
  • Reassemble the fan and enjoy the cool, colorful breeze.

Design an outdoor obstacle course

American Ninja Warrior participants often train on homemade obstacle courses in the back yard, and you can use this effective tool to get fit and have fun with your family. Make your course as easy or challenging as you like, using traditional play equipment or get creative with the obstacles. Here are a few examples, but use your imagination to create a course that is suitable and engaging for your family.

  • Hop or jump on flat tires.
  • Crawl through hula hoops or hoops, some of which are buried vertically.
  • Assemble a seesaw with boards.
  • Create balance beams from wood.
  • Climb over a net or hammock.
  • Arrange cones for agility exercises.
  • Crawl under chairs.
  • Jump on stepping stones.

Paint a playroom mural

Turn a wall, floor, or ceiling into a playroom, cave, or other meeting place with a fun, colorful mural. Assign a separate wall to each family member to paint the design you want, use a pie chart maker to create a unique and unified design, or work together to create a sophisticated picture. Whether you're painting a family portrait or a batik design, the mural gives your home a creative touch and offers your family an entertaining weekend activity.

Reorganize the garage

Take a look around in your garage. Does it work properly and does it meet the needs of your family? If not, take the time to reorganize it.

Start by emptying the room. Sell ​​or donate items that you no longer use or no longer want, including sports items that you grew out of. Throw broken items in the trash.

Next, choose organization tools that fit your space. With breadboards or hooks you can hang and organize objects on the wall, there are boxes or oversized objects on shelves, and seasonal objects are stored overhead.

Finally, put everything back in the garage. Try to hold similar items together. This way, your children will know exactly where to find and put away their sports equipment and you can find your tools.

Your garage is now functional, everything has an allocated space and your whole family can enjoy the organized and tidy space.

Assemble wind chimes

With objects from your home, your family can create beautiful musical wind chimes. Use seashells from your beach vacation, vintage cutlery from a local thrift store, or clean tin cans. Follow these steps to make a tin can wind chime.

  • Soak the cans in water overnight to remove the labels.
  • Wash the cans in hot soapy water.
  • Give each family member a can to paint or have each family member make their own complete wind chime.
  • Let the painted cans dry.
  • Make a hole in the bottom of each can with a hammer and nail.
  • Attach a cord or wire of different lengths to each can and thread the cans together.
  • Enjoy your new musical wind chimes.

Configure a bookshelf

Your family can store popular books, photos or collectibles in a homemade bookcase. Arrange wooden pallets in a DIY bookshelf or attach boxes to the wall. Alternatively, you can hang shelves, painted boards, industrial pipes or ladders on the wall for the creative storage of books.

Repaint the house

Give your house a new face with some color. If you don't want to repaint your entire house, choose one or two rooms or some smaller projects. As a family, you can rework the kitchen cabinets, paint the bathroom ceiling, or change the color of your bedroom doors. Even the repainting of cabinet interiors, cupboard shelves or window frames gives your house a new, fresh look.

(Email protected) The appeal of the curb makes a big difference in the value of your home. So plant trees, mow the grass, or build and hang window flower boxes. Your children can help pick plants, and everyone can pull weeds or spread mulch.

Plant a garden as an alternative to landscaping. Whether you are growing a plot of vegetables, building a teepee with green beans or arranging herb containers on the deck, garden plants give your house color and life and are a family-friendly and creative alternative to professional landscaping.

Hang a porch or tree swing

Expand your outdoor play area with a swing that your family will build together. If you want to build a swing, use wooden pallets or sanded boards. A tire or a flat board can act as a tree swing. Be sure to use a stable rope and anchor to secure your swing. Instead of buying pillows for the swings, sew your own. Use an old blanket with t-shirts or decorate old pillows with buttons or pearls. Your outdoor swings are now ready for your whole family.

Edit home videos

Any family videos you have taken during the year may not be on your computer or phone. Create family keepsakes with edited home videos. Edit the best clips, add your favorite songs and save your edited videos to a hard drive or USB stick or publish them as part of your family Video monetization Strategy. You will enjoy watching movies and enjoying them often.

Create wall art

Beautify your walls with handmade art. Create a family tree on canvas with each handprint of your family as leaves on a tree. Paint frames and use them to view your children's artwork or favorite family photo. You can also create a family tree that will appear on the wall of your living room. These and other works of art give your home character and are fun family projects.

This summer your whole family can complete several DIY projects. These projects are both functional and entertaining. So choose one or more projects to complete this weekend!

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