Decorative Purpose of Kitchen Hoods

Decorative Purpose of Kitchen Hoods

Kitchen hoods have a simple purpose that we all know: cleaning the air in the kitchen as soon as we start cooking to prevent the smells from remaining too strong. However, what we also know about extractor hoods is that not all of them are very stylish. In fact, they appear to be only bulges in the ceiling that cannot be hidden.

However, if you buy the right extractor hood, there is a good chance that you will turn an ordinary device into a work of art. You just have to look at the right models to highlight your kitchen.

Kitchen hoods as stylish pieces

"A kitchen hood can be a simple object – or bring your kitchen back to life," said the experts from RTA Cabinet Supply LLC. For example, if you choose a scalloped kitchen hood, the appearance of the room will improve significantly – especially if you have a larger room. In addition, this type of kitchen hood has a fascinating design, which means that you cannot make it more beautiful.

Covering the extractor hood with a wooden frame could also radiate the rustic atmosphere that we all crave for today. You can create a container that encompasses the kitchen hood – or you can simply choose a kitchen hood that was designed with this style in mind.

Weathered copper kitchen hoods have the purpose of transforming your cooking space into an industrial-style room – so that it looks modern and at the same time maintains the traditional look. Brass hoods can also achieve this effect, especially if you choose something that has a hidden, weathered texture.

Kitchen Hoods – A kitchen centerpiece

Keep in mind that decorative extractor hoods can also be quite large – which means that they are mostly suitable for kitchens that are quite large. These units can be installed if you do not need this storage space for other purposes (e.g. storage).

These cooker hoods are a way to give your kitchen a focus – to highlight the entire decor of the room. It's like the fireplace version of the kitchen – only instead of starting a fire inside, the smoke caused by the fire is pulled out.

The right extractor hood can prove to be a massive architectural piece of the kitchen and can completely change the atmosphere. Choose bad and everyone will notice. After all, the extractor hood is one of the first things people notice when entering the kitchen. So if it sticks out unpleasantly, the aesthetics will also be affected.

Hoods with curved lines and stone designs can also be installed in the kitchen. It might take some work to build this type of frame around the hood – but the result will likely be worth it.

Add a new light source

Each extractor hood has its own light source, which also improves the lighting in the kitchen. In most cases, this lighting will help you see better whatever you are cooking when the main light is not so strong or is not near the cooker.

Apart from that, the same lighting can also have a decorative purpose – in the sense that it only provides the light you need for cooking, while the rest remains as ambient light. Let's say you have a rustic looking kitchen that is paved with stone and looks beautiful. However, if you turn on all the main lights in the kitchen, the magic will be lost.

On the other hand, an extractor hood provides just enough light so that you can see throughout the kitchen – without affecting the magical mood. You will also see everything you cook, with the light shining directly over your food. It's like having lit candles in the kitchen – only this time you only use the light from the extractor hood.

Final thoughts

Kitchen hoods have different purposes – one of them is decorative. In fact, you want one for the utility that it offers, but you can't help but notice that the right extractor hood can also make your kitchen more stylish. You just have to choose the one that fits the rest of your kitchen furniture.


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