Decorate your Home with Family Portraits

Decorate your Home with Family Portraits

Are you planning to remodel your house and put some portraits on the walls? Yes, works of art by renowned painters are always the first choice. After all, these elegant creations by Maestros can improve the appearance of your rooms tenfold. But these masterpieces don't have the magic of family portraits. A wall with a small gallery of photo frames filled with wonderful memories of your life can make you smile no matter how bad your day was.

But let's face it, things are not as easy as they sound. If you have not decorated the walls with portraits in the past, it is not easy to imagine what you want to achieve while staring at a bare wall. To help you out, here are some tips to get you started.

# 1. The right photos

This step is the easiest. The reason for such a statement is that it doesn't take much time to find the photos that are close to your heart. You are sure to have some favorite family photos, and these are the ones that best serve the purpose.

# 2. The right look

Depending on what you prefer, you can either place a large portrait or compile a group of smaller photos. And there are numerous possibilities for the location. If you place the portraits over the sofa or next to the closet, everything will work if the photos have the right effect on you. If you want to place many small portraits on a single wall, you can choose either a vertical orientation, a horizontal orientation or a collage.

# 3. The right size

Size plays a crucial role in determining how good or effective the portraits will be. The basic thing is that the size of the portrait should go well with the size of the wall and the furniture around it. Also consider the size of the room. Don't try to fit into too many or too large portraits if the space is small.

# 4. The right framework

You can experiment with the frames available in the market in different sizes and colors. If you ever have doubts, choose simple black or brown frames. If you're not familiar with the ideas of frames, you can also use acrylic photo printing to make the photos look chic and stylish.

Make sure that you never place the portraits on the wall that is exposed to direct sunlight, as direct sunlight can impair clarity. Before hammering nails into a wall, make sure that these are exactly where the portraits hang. Finally, you should install accent lighting on the wall where the photos are hanging for the best effects.

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