DIY guide for fixing scratches in
  hardwood flooring

DIY guide for fixing scratches in hardwood flooring

How to fix scratches in parquet floors

A parquet floor gives every room great beauty, makes it look much more elegant and increases comfort and coziness. Scratches can instantly remove all of the beauty from the floor and give it a ruined look. This is why homeowners worry if scratches appear on their wooden floor. You don't have to worry at all though, as here is a simple guide to help you remove the scratches from your hardwood floor. Before you start removing scratches from the floor, it's important to understand the type of scratches, as each category of scratches needs to be treated with a different correction.

Surface scratches:

Surface scratches are those where only the top layer, which is the protective coating, is damaged and is therefore the easiest to repair. When you think about how to fix scratches in wooden floors, especially surface scratches, all you need is a soft cloth, some water, a hardwood cleaner, and a protective coating. The first step is to clean the damaged surface with a soft cloth and a hardwood cleaner. Then clean the surface with a clean damp cloth and let the area dry. Once the surface is completely dry, apply a protective layer. Let the surface dry for at least 12 hours.

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Slight scratches:

Smaller scratches can be defined as those that only penetrate the protective layer as far as the wood surface. To repair them, you need soft cloths, hardwood cleaner, water, sandpaper and wood wax. The first step is to clean the surface and make sure that not even a dirt stain remains on the surface. Gently rub the surface with the sandpaper. This step needs to be done with the greatest care and you need to rub along the wood grains. Fill the scratch with a wooden wax stick and mix it with the surroundings. Choose a color that most closely matches the color of your wooden floor.

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Deep scratches:

Removing deep scratches from hardwood floors is a daunting task. If you are not sure how to fix scratches in hardwood floors, you should contact a professional. Repairing deep scratches on hardwood floors requires stripping, repairing and reworking the hardwood floor.

In order to avoid excessive damage to the parquet floor, it is recommended to repair the scratches yourself at the initial stage. The surface scratches are easy to repair and do not cause great costs. You must therefore regularly check your wooden floor for signs of damage. As soon as you see scratches, you must repair them immediately so that they do not become deep scratches. If the floor has too many scratches, the floor must be stripped, polished and then coated. This is a difficult task, and it is best to leave it to professionals who have the experience and tools.

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The author is an interior decorator and has worked with hardwood floors for many years. During these years, he understood the different nuances of parquet and believes that it is best to fix the damage in the early stages. The author is also an avid blogger and has written many blogs on how to fix scratches in wooden floors.

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