Easy Home Decor Tips to Design your
  Child’s Bedroom

Easy Home Decor Tips to Design your Child’s Bedroom

People love stereotypes, and most first parents do. Once they have the final ultrasound results that show the baby's gender, shopping for baby clothes and other items is on the agenda – pink for a little girl and blue for a little boy, and some sunny yellow bibs and mint green ankle boots take part in the shopping some wagons.

Apart from these cute pink laced boots or blue checkered hats, the nursery needs to be designed along with the wallpaper, bed sheet and / or the cot according to the gender of the baby. Regardless of the type of home you live in, a Prefabricated houseIn a villa or apartment, you can find some simple home decorating tips below to design your child's bedroom.

For babies

  • The room of a little girl in white or light pink gives an airy and comfortable feeling, while that of a little boy is in sky blue.
  • Wallpaper with a playful accent such as small letters of the alphabet or animals suit both genders, but flowers would certainly look good on girls.
  • A rubber mat or carpet in various pastel colors is a must so that the baby can play, crawl or roll around without falling on the floor when tripping or falling.
  • Place storage boxes in a corner of the room to store toys. The child would eventually learn to clean up his mess himself if he got used to elders tidying up his surroundings after each play. Just make sure the edges are covered with rubber.
  • A wooden rocking chair With a soft pillow you get comfort when cuddling or breastfeeding. Be creative in lighting the baby or toddler room. Stylish lamps in the form of a kitten or a spherical light ensure a cozy atmosphere in the room.

Children from 4 to 12 years old

  • From 4 to 12 years old, a child grows up quickly and may grow out of the cute wooden bed you bought on his 5th birthday. So choose a bed that is sure to be its size until it reaches 6th grade or beyond.
  • The color schemes would still depend on gender, but at some point some children of this age are not really worried about their bedroom color, as they are more concerned with other things outside the home, such as friends and fun activities. Mothers would then be the sole decision makers as to which color scheme would look best. Gray and white with either delicate pink or blue would result in the best color schemes.
  • Decorate your child's room according to their preferences and hobbies. For sports lovers, place or accentuate children with sports items such as a basketball, a tennis racket that hangs criss-cross on the wall, or memorabilia from your child's sports competitions such as jerseys and medals.

For teenagers

  • If your child is already a teenager, expect some of their friends to spend a night or two on weekends. A double-decker bed or pull-outs must be ready for the occasion.
  • A white desk for a study with compartments for school supplies is a must. Place a study lamp on the desk and possibly a small potted plant on the other edge to balance the child's mood with a relaxing green color of the plant during class.
  • Wall paints or papers are very different now than when he was a child. Solar system for boys or love graffiti for girls may be just a few of their preferences
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