Installing a Garage Door

Installing a Garage Door

How much does it cost to install a garage door?

If your garage door malfunctions and gets stuck halfway when you open it, it may be time to have it repaired or to get a new one. Trust me, it is a really good investment as it can increase the resale value of your home and give you extra security. It also improves your functionality and actually improves the exterior of your home and gives it an aesthetically pleasing look. Since it is about lifting heavy objects and dealing with electrical wiring, repairing an old door or installing a new door should best be in the hands of a licensed contractor.

However, before you even think about replacing or installing a new one, you should consider the budget that is available to you. Here are some pointers to consider when deciding on your budget.


Garage door costs

A single door can cost you around $ 200 anywhere, while multiple doors can cost up to $ 4000. However, the average price is somewhere around the $ 1500 mark and includes both material and labor costs. You can save a lot of money by making this project a DIY project, but I would not recommend it to anyone as this task involves some expertise and the inclusion of heavy objects can cause serious injury to newbies.

Factors that increase the cost of garage doors

As already mentioned, it is in your interest to have one installed by a specialist. Make sure your contract includes removing the old garage door and installing a new one. The materials and style will be your main cost drivers. For example, installing a steel door without a door opener costs less than a wooden door with one. There is also an alternative to high-tech doors that are expensive, but extremely safe and durable.

Garage door replacement

Replacing them can be as expensive as installing a new one. Again, everything depends on the materials you will be using, the place your home is located, and the processing that will be required.

On average, however, the cost will be between $ 800 and $ 1200.


The adjustment naturally increases your costs. However, they can also improve aesthetics and functionality. Let's take an example of installing Windows. This can be an expensive affair, but looks very good aesthetically. Choosing the soundproofing option also costs you more, but significantly improves functionality. A door opener also increases the cost, an average one costs around $ 200.

There you have it, that's the cost you have to bear when installing a new garage door or repairing an old one. Make sure that you use the budget according to your needs and requirements and don't go overboard and jump out of your budget. It is always helpful to write down important notices and record the costs you have incurred by purchasing each material. Hopefully, with these tips, you can stay within your budget and get the job done.

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