DIY Backyard Solutions

DIY Backyard Solutions

DIY garden solutions that will bring new life to it

Spending time in the garden and doing small DIY projects on your own or with the help of your family is a healthy, exciting and creative way to spend your free time. Above all, you will come with details that really transform your garden from a simple dirt plate to something special, a space that you will be proud of and where everyone will love to spend their time. Here are just a few ideas everyone can do.

Image - Flickr Creative Commons
Image – Flickr Creative Commons

Paint the patio

Most of us have at least one area in our garden with a patio and in most cases it is weather-worn and time-worn areas that look like concrete slabs more than anything else. So why not bring some color to them. You don't even have to buy new paint. Look around your garage, you will surely have some color left over from your painting jobs. Ask your friends. If you have a patio with designs, such as squares, do just a few of them in different colors. You don't think how good it will look.

Build a massive backyard xylophone

This is another really simple garden project that anyone can sink their teeth into and that will hit everyone off their feet. Especially the kids, your and your friends. All you need are two rope pieces, some wooden boards that you can get by recycling wooden pallet packaging and some paint. Thread the ropes between two poles of some kind and then staple the wooden planks against them, making them look and sound like a xylophone. Children literally go bonkers for these.

Picture -
Picture –

Glowing balls all around you

Do you know the opaque glass screens that used to be so popular in the bathrooms? You may have some lying somewhere or you can buy half a dozen at each garage sale without spending more than a few dollars. You then run the electricity through the ground and install them all over the garden. When you turn them on in the evenings and during the night you get an effect that makes your garden a magical land.

Use cinderblocks as flower boxes

Every homeowner has a bunch of cinderblocks somewhere on their property, unused, ugly things that you just don't get rid of for any reason. Well, the good news is that you can take advantage of these by painting them in crazy colors, filling them with soil and using them as flower boxes. You will not believe how good these look.

Image -
Image –

DIY concrete steps with blade design

All you need for these is a large, hard leaf of any plant, e.g. rhubarb and some concrete mix. Simply pour the concrete mixture onto the blade and leave it standing. Once difficult, you simply take off the blade and the extra concrete around it and you are left with boulders that will have the unique look and that will cost you money. More detailed instructions can be found here.

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