How to Design Luxury Bathroom with Shower

How to Design Luxury Bathroom with Shower Head

Designing a new bathroom is not done every day. In addition to designing a new kitchen, this is a project that you may rarely do. Therefore, a lot of thought and research is required to achieve a pleasing result. In the 21st .. More and more people are using the comfort of a shower over a traditional bathtub. For those with an eye for ecology, showering uses much less water than filling a tub.

Be practical

planning Luxury bathrooms May be fun, but in practice it is important to work out and stick to a budget for the project. Free software for bathroom design is widespread and can be very helpful when planning a bathroom layout, as the various elements can be positioned using drag and drop. Conversely, a piece of graph paper and a pencil can also be used.

Use the available storage space

If you are thinking about installing a new shower, the options depend heavily on the shape of the room, the available space and of course the size of the budget. The space available for the new bathroom layout will be the deciding factor in what is possible and what is not. In the UK, the average size of the bathroom is about the size of a king-size bed.

Inexpensive showers

Because of the convenience and cost-effectiveness of taking a shower instead of running a bathtub, many people faced with a small bathroom interior have “abolished” their traditional bathtub in favor of a closed shower cubicle. For a household that can include older or frail members, a foldable seat is a useful and practical design feature. A Rail shower head Having a hand option is also useful if the household has very young family members.

The size is important

Even after the services of a conventional bathtub are dispensed with, the arrangement of the bathroom can be such that space is still a problem when designing the installation of a shower cubicle. Specialized bathroom designers consider 3 x 4 feet as the absolute minimum requirement for a shower.

Luxury bathrooms are sure to include a closed shower with a rail shower head that uses both overhead and hand spray heads.

rain shower

With modern PEX hoses, luxury bathrooms can be designed in such a way that the shower head is directly above the head or is even installed flush in the ceiling panels in order to achieve a “rain” effect. These types of shower heads can be square or rectangular to easily match the tiles.


Showers create steam and moisture in the air. Therefore, it is very important to install a suction fan on an outer wall to avoid problems with moisture or mold.


Tiles are a big part of creating a new shower area and offer the opportunity to create something aesthetic and practical.

Clear glass shower screens are becoming increasingly popular. Although they offer little privacy, they allow you to see the decorative interior tiles from outside the shower. This type of cabinet also supports the illusion of size when installed in a small bathroom.

New bathroom – an investment

Real estate agents suggest that the bathroom after the kitchen can be an important positive selling point for a property. Therefore, spending on a carefully planned bathroom, both for the present and when it's time to sell and move to a new property, should be considered an investment.

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