Design Your Own Man Cave

Design Your Own Man Cave

Men are always looking for a cozy corner for themselves that is not influenced by the fairer gender or their rules of keeping the house clean and tidy. This place, specially designed for the rule of a man, is called the human cave. A man has complete freedom to use his freedom in a human cave to enjoy a few drinks while playing poker. The living room is not the right place to have fun and frolic with friends around your wife and children. You can seriously consider some ideas as you plan to create your own boy zone.

Location of the human cave: Every part of the house can be transformed into a human cave. It is better to choose a place that is somewhat isolated from the main living area of ​​the house. The best room for the men's cave is the basement of a house. If there is no basement in the house, garage should be the best choice. Every place you turn into a human cave should have a separate entrance. A large pool table, a huge fireplace and a wet bar are all you need as basic elements to turn your other, dreary basement into an interesting man cave.

Wall paint of a human cave: You need to spend some time choosing the perfectly masculine colors for your Man Cave walls. You can choose from a wide range of dark blue, olive green and steel gray. Avoid pastel shades like lilac, pink, delicate blue, and lavender, as they give the overall look a girlish touch.

Furniture and accessories for a human cave: You should have your own cave with the equipment for the best possible form of entertainment. A high-end plasma TV is at the top of the list as you definitely don't want to miss any of your favorite team's baseball games. The room should have comfortable bean bags and leather sofas to absorb any obvious reactions from your friends at the time of the game.

Personalized male cave: As a cozy corner, the Man Cave should reflect your personality with everything you keep there. It can be anything from your personal fitness equipment to the bar-b-que oven where you cook the pork chops when friends are there for a drink. There are no set rules for decorating a human cave. Your personal space should be decorated the way you want it to be.

This blog contains some ideas on how to spice up your own Man Cave in style. But you are the ultimate decision maker for designing your man cave that will give your friends enough applause.

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