Natural Ambiance in Your Home

Natural Ambiance in Your Home

Six tips for creating a natural atmosphere in your home

Each space has its own unique atmosphere. To control your home's atmosphere, use decoration, temperature control and lighting. Creating a natural feel in a home requires some work, but it is possible when you follow these tips.

Keep your home clean

Cleanliness is a basic first step in creating a natural atmosphere. A home with pieces of garbage lying around is neither natural feeling nor attractive. Keep your home clean, with debris stored and surfaces free of dust and crumbs. Use detergents made with natural ingredients to avoid the chemical odor that some cleaners leave behind.

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Use natural lighting

Too strong and harsh lighting hurts your eyes, throws your home in a flickering light and destroys a natural atmosphere. During the day, keep blinds and curtains open to take advantage of natural light. In the evenings or when natural light is sparse, use full-spectrum incandescent lamps that mimic sunlight.

Use natural scents

Nothing is more unnatural than the smell of chemicals or artificial perfumes. To keep your home natural, you smell the space with essential oils or candles with natural scents. Odor can also affect mood; choose lavender to relax, bergamot to cheer up and rosemary to strengthen.

Decorate with plants

Houseplants are one of the best ways to create and maintain a natural atmosphere. They contribute life and greenery to a home and give a fresh sense of nature in a comfortable environment. Some plants also provide a health benefit by removing the air from toxins. Find out which plants fit your style and needs before making a choice. A plant like English ivy absorbs pollution, while the spider plant acts as a low maintenance, unique decor.

Keep a comfortable temperature

Temperature is important for comfort but should also be maintained for houseplants. Some plants may have specific thermal needs, but a specialist from Romaniuk Heat & Air Conditioning Ltd says that a daily temperature of between 70 and 80 degrees works for many common houseplants. Use gentle air conditioning and heating during the seasons to keep your indoor temperature at these levels.

Decorate with natural artwork

For a truly natural atmosphere, works of art should be kept to a minimum. However, works of art from natural materials, such as driftwood or found stones, give an earthy feel to your space. Photographs or paintings of beautiful landscapes also help.

A natural atmosphere is perfect for resting, entertaining and living everyday. These tips will help you stay close to nature.

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