Decoration Tips for Small Spaces and

Decoration Tips for Small Spaces and Apartments

Six decoration tips for small spaces and apartments

For people living in small spaces, finding an effective way to store items and decorate can be a challenge. Everyone wants to feel that they are living big, but it is often not a reality for most people. Fortunately, there are several tips and tricks you can use to create the illusion of having a larger living room. Read on to find some creative ways to maximize your space.

Space-creating accents

It is important to break up spaces with different accent pieces. This is especially true in studio apartments, where spaces tend to overlap. Carpets can signify a transition from one "room" to the next, as well as curtains and folding screens. These will separate the spaces without creating the mess.

Change things with colors

You can also break up space by using color. Painting a single accent wall creates the illusion of different spaces. In a studio space, the use of a large image or removable wallpaper can also create this effect. Where a color or image ends, a new space begins.

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Customizable furniture

A practical way to create space is to use furniture that can serve as storage. Think of a fence with storage compartment in the seat, or a bed with drawers built in. This means that small things such as blankets, magazines and TV remotes remain out of sight, but easily accessible. A design consultant for UCCI Properties says this strategy is a favorite among city tenants, as it gives the apartment a clean and organized look while keeping everything close at hand.

Reflect on your surroundings

A good way to create the feeling of more space is by using mirrors. Strategic placement makes a room look bigger. This is especially true when it is placed opposite light sources. Interestingly-shaped mirrors also give an artistic feel to the feel of the room.


When working with small spaces, it is also important to work up. Shelves, art and even lighting placed closer to the ceiling catches the eye. This will again create an illusion of more space. Additionally, when you place items higher, you will not waste valuable storage space.

Leave some space

Try to keep furniture away from the floor along the same lines. Use sofas and other standalone units that have legs. Seeing the floor under the furniture creates an airy feeling again.

When living in a small space it can be challenging to find a way to reduce clutter and cramped feeling. Fortunately, there are many ways to divide areas and create an illusion of more space. Versatile furniture, different colors, mirrors and other tricks can help small spaces feel open while avoiding the mess. By using tips and tricks above, all small spaces can be made to look much larger and less cluttered.

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