Bright Lighting for Home

Bright Lighting for Home

Seven techniques for bright lighting in your home

"I am firmly convinced that the lighting influences the mood and that sparkling lights on the strings bring something magical for occasions from concerts to weddings, although I like to use them as a year-round home decor." –Erin Morgenstern

Let's face it; Nobody wants to live in constant darkness, so it is not feasible to live in a house that is very similar to a cave. The lighting can really determine the mood and ambience of your home, and those who are lucky enough to have a bright home can really take in extra vitamin D, making them feel much more positive. If you're trying to beautify your home with light, here are seven tips to get you started:

If you live in a place where the free space is rather limited, e.g. B. in condominiums such as High Park, you can bring more light into your rooms with a mirror effect. This doesn't necessarily mean that you have to decorate your walls with mirrors. The glossier the surfaces you add to your rooms, the brighter they appear. These items can range from brass candlesticks to clear acrylic furniture to silver photo frames.

Use suitable window treatments as they often absorb the little natural light that you bring into your home. Therefore, remove heavy or dark curtains that you may be using in your rooms and replace them with lighter ones. This will brighten up any room considerably.

  • Clean the windows (inside and outside)

Sometimes a little refreshing is enough to make the rooms brighter. You may not notice the dirt on your windows as it becomes quite difficult to notice this dusty film if you look at the same windows every day. But try to clean your windows and also give your screens a brush. You will be surprised how much this can brighten up a room considerably.

Use glass doors – outside and inside, so that more natural light falls into your houses. If you want more privacy, opt for matte translucent to let the light in without compromising your privacy.

  • Cut off any leaves that could block the light

Sometimes a case of darkened houses is due to an overgrowth of your plants and the surrounding foliage. Give your houses a quick assessment and check if this is the case. Maintaining your outdoor areas and lawns should be a priority. Make sure no plants are blocking the windows.

  • Choose the best lights for your interior

There are a variety of lighting fixtures to choose from. Most of the time, you just have to choose the best and most suitable from the market. Walk through your home at different times of the day and determine which activities you perform most frequently in each room. Take the desired type of lighting into account and select the one that suits your interior.

  • Pull the blinds up to the upper edge of the window covering

Doing this this way allows more light than just opening the blinds horizontally. You may have a fairly long pull cord on the side, which is offset by the amount of light entering your room. Collect it neatly and put it between two slats so it looks neat and organized.

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