Studio Type Apartment with Scandinavian
  Beautiful Design

Studio Type Apartment with Scandinavian Beautiful Design

The increase in the human population makes the landless and less housing. The life of urban society is one of the factors in the realization of various living options, one of which is a studio apartment. Because of its practical space, studio apartments are suitable for many people. In addition, studio apartments are indeed the right place for individuals.

There are many apartment designs and decorations to choose from to make the apartment feel comfortable. And for those of you who are looking for ideas, we have provided an apartment with Scandinavian Beautiful Design. So, let's try it out!

1. Private comfortable place of modern Scandinavian home design

It is not recommended to provide a partition for the home. With a modern Scandinavian design, you can still determine which living room, bedroom and kitchen. So you can still determine where you want to gather, cook and rest.

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Having a long table between the bed and the sofa allows us to see where we are sleeping and where to rest, like watching a movie and more. In the picture above you can see a black and white carpet under the sofa. Placing the carpet can create the illusion of a small space in the studio apartment, making it look like a partition between the bed with a private space and a kitchen.

This stunning garage conversion shows how much you can fit into a small space with good design. The picture was shared by California-based Instagram user @moneyspacenow
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Not only carpets, but also transparent room dividers can be used to restrict private rooms and beds. The transparent color does not make the studio apartment look small.

The wooden floors and the predominant use of white and gray also emphasize the Scandinavian style in studio apartments. White and gray colors are the right colors for a small space. With this studio apartment, it doesn't feel stuffy and cramped.

2nd mezzanine in the Scandinavian Studio Apartment

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The mezzanine is best suited for studio apartments in residential areas. This design allows the ground floor of the apartment to be used optimally. The appearance of the apartment is also more spacious.

If you use a small kitchen and a small table in a studio apartment, the apartment will feel more spacious. As a result, the apartment certainly feels much more comfortable. It is suitable for you who are married.

The Nordroom - A bright Scandinavian loft apartment
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The use of Scandinavian colors: white, gray and black also makes an interesting impression in the apartment studio. The wooden floors in the studio ensure that the apartment feels warm.

3. Fresh Scandinavian studio apartment design

A cozy and charming Scandinavian studio apartment - Daily Dream Decor
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When we have no more activities during the day, we want to go somewhere to reduce stress and fatigue. Studio apartments can be used as a place to relax and relieve stress. Scandinavian is a suitable design that gives the studio apartment a fresh atmosphere.

The presence of several plants in the studio apartment makes the apartment look fresh. The green color of the plants makes people feel fresh and relaxed when they see them. A combination of white and green from the plant makes the apartment look more interesting.

The nordroom - Scandinavian studio apartment
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